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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Caution - Nudity discussed!

Oh you wish!  My Christmas trees I mean!   No tree skirts and no stars!

I meant to mention it in my post last night but I forgot.  Last year I gave away our huge 7 foot tall and five foot wide Christmas tree and bought three skinny trees which together take up at least half as much room to store than the one huge tree.  that wasn't why I gave them away though.  The huge tree was just too hard for me to decorate and light by myself.  These skinny trees are just so much easier for me to handle alone and I love the shape!  I also have two five foot feather trees that used to go in my boys' rooms - now their rooms are big enough but there is no floor space - one has drums and a keyboard set up in there and the other because he is too messy and also has three or four hard cases for guitars all over the floor!  Then I also have three small pencil trees - two three foot and one four foot which I love.  And a myriad of smaller trees.  All of these trees have been collected along the way when we lived in other houses with different room shapes and bay windows so on, which gave me other surfaces and nooks and crannies to decorate.  Now we are in our forever home (they will have to crow bar me out of this house!!!  I am not moving again!!!) and I am still trying to work out what we need and don't need here.  and also what I can manage with my arthritis and what I can't.  Changing to the skinny trees and getting rid of the huge tree is the start.  I may put up the smaller trees somewhere this year, I may not.  I am still working that out.  What I do know is that before the last decoration goes away I WILL have made at least one tree skirt AND two more will be underway and I will have made at least one star.  I have been looking for a folksy, hand made looking star or angel for years and can't seem to find one - they are all plastic or metallic or they all look the same - not my style.  Actually if anyone knows of any online beauties please let me know.

Tree number two got decorated today.  This tree has all the ornaments that I have bought for my boys - all the hallmark ornaments that say "son".  All the Star Wars ornaments, Bluews Clues, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Batman, Superman, Crayola and so on.  Lots of these ornaments used to go on trees in the boys' rooms but as I said last night their rooms are too messy this year.  This year, with three new trees, it is a new routine so from now on this is my boys' tree.  

This tree is the one that I can see from the kitchen - where I prepare school lunches and chop vegies for evening meals.  There is one ornament that is on the boys' tree that is mine - this one.  This is my favourite scene from the Cinderella cartoon movie.  It is on the side of the tree that faces me and I love it! 
 These are some of my favourite ornaments on the tree.  In 2000 when my boys were really little they dressed up for Halloween - Fly Boy as Eeyore - 
 and Guitar Hero as Bear in the Big Blue House.  SOOOO   Cute!
 Of course LEGO was an enduring passion - we must have enough for a small toy store!  Grandkids are going to love it!
 And then we moved on to Star Wars and stayed there for AGES!

 You can see all the boxes.  I am still getting ornaments out to put up.  Still a few to go.  I bought these candles in Oregon when I went on a Country Heritage Quilting Tour - loved it.  And I love these candles!  And that is my Nanna's cake tin there too - Love that too!
These have to go on my tree in the lounge room - the one of the carpet.  Too cute!
 This always makes me smile.  The globe is a jigsaw puzzle that my boys and my mum put aside before she passed away.  There are some more black bears again - these ones sit on the edge of the shelf.  
 I kind of like this philosophy  - "Be naughty, save Santa the trip!"
And THIS is the beginning of my first tree skirt!  
Just getting started.

Till next time...........happy stitching!


  1. looks like you are having fun going through all the boxes and memories! I must admit, I dont enjoy dragging everything up from the basement, just to pack it away again in 2 weeks or so...must be the grinch in me.
    Have fun

  2. Maybe I'll just have a 'blog Christmas' at my house :/ seeing as all I'm doing is drooling over everyone else's decorations and haven't pulled a single box out of the basement yet. And no tree is in sight except for this tee-tiny little thing --- I have a peaceful Christmas feeling BUT I just don't want to get into the mess of my Christmas boxes... On the other hand, I love love love what I see of your first tree skirt---I have never made one either---maybe I want to make one of whatever YOU are making (after all, I do LOVE LOVE Santas!). :8

  3. I haven't made a tree skirt yet either. We are only putting up one tree this year. Our daughter has always put up 2 artificial trees downstairs. A red one and a green one. Very Dr. Suess looking green tree and what can I say about the red one? But she has taken them to her house. Our tree skirt is from the dollar store until I can make one and it doesn't look too bad!

  4. it´s so interesting to read Christmas traditions from other places! Three different trees! We (central Europe) use real fir trees for Christmas trees and real candles and don´t put them up before the 24th of December when we celebrate Christmas. It´s also tradition to have only one tree. (Good for me- only one tree skirt to make! *lol*)

  5. All the memories of each ornament, each decoration, each old recipe that is made. This is what makes Christmas so special.

  6. Fun seeing and reading about your Christmas progress. Being able to deal with 3 smaller trees yourself makes sense. I was curious how hard it was to find an angel or star topper that had more of a folk look. Not easy! I did find a wire star that has an interesting look on the Sears website. Super long address. Guess you'll have to copy and paste and see where it takes you -- http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_07177214000P?srccode=cii_10043468&cpncode=30-13920951-2&i_cntr=1323046133755&sid=IDx20070921x00003c

  7. I think the skinnier trees are great. I like the idea of having some of the decorations out of the reach of grandkids.(Just you wait)!All my decorations have special memories attached too. When the tree is as small as mine, there has to be a lot of picking and choosing.

  8. Your tree looks great. I bought a tree last year, but gave it to my daughter as our house is so full that I didn't know where I'd put it. Now I kind of wish that I'd kept it, but I guess I'll just be putting up my little tree. I haven't really gotten the Christmas spirit too much yet.

  9. Yikes! You are so far ahead of me - haven't brought out one single Christmas item yet.


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