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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It is definitely beginning to feel like Christmas!

Today was the Gumnut Quilters Christmas Lunch.  This is always a great day and today is no exception!  First up what to wear - what else!  My Christmas shirt.  A couple of years ago handsome hubby and I attended a Western Themed Christmas party.  I just don't "do" fancy dress so I wore jeans and added a cowboy Santa to my shirt.  We had to wear something red so I added red ear rings, necklace and bracelet.
 Our lunch was at Miss Irene's home - see her "red" - red extensions in her hair - how cool!!!
 As always her house was decorated beautifully.  Several of us made these a few years ago.  The joke about Irene's is that the stitch was supposed to be stem stitch but as her stitch was a little chunky it was called "trunk" stitch!  Personally I think it looks fine!
 Irene's tree is gorgeous - lots of memories in those ornaments too

 I really love the chilli lights!  Now they are cool!!!
 And no prizes for guessing that Irene is our resident Canadian.  We still love her - he he!! 
 Here we are gathered and getting ready to do the draw for the pin cushions.
 Last year we all had to make a covered coat hanger and this year the challenge was a pin cushion.
 Next year the challenge is a Christmas decoration for the tree - right up my alley!
 We also started a new tradition this year - the cookie exchange
 Andrea received Irene's cute Kaffe pin cushion

 Audrey received Sharon's gorgeous hexagon wrist pin cushion

Glenys received Andrea's
 gorgeous little pixie house!
 Jennie went home with Glenys' wonderful little pin cushion

 Irene won Jenni's beautifully cross stitched pin cushion

 Sharon was delighted with Del's cute turtle
 And Cynthia C received Irene's cute little turtle   
 Lyn picked this gorgeous creation from Debbie
 Lyndall received this lovely Linen one from Cynthia M
 Isn't it lovely - everyone recognizes Cynthia M's work!
 Del received this Hexagon beauty from Lyndall
 And I received an Amish Puzzle Ball from Lyn
 There were a couple of others that I can't show you yet as they have not yet been received by their recipients - that will have to wait for another post.

After the pin cushions were all handed out and oohed and ahhed over we sat down to a lovely lunch.  We ate the main course and then had our gift lottery.  

Every year who ever wants to collects little goodies that are wrapped up and given a number.  Then we all take turns picking a number out of a bowl until all the presents are gone.  I came home with a tape measure and a pair of scissors - well I gave the scissors to Audrey as I have just bought myself some new scissors and I know Audrey is finding her metal scissors hurt her hands too so the ones I won should be good for her.

Next we moved on to the cookies exchange.  I can't believe that I don't have any photos of this but it was fun.  Most people brought two bags or plates of baking of some sort and everyone went home with two lots of baking from someone else.  This was a bit out of the comfort zone for some of the ladies as not everyone in our group loves to bake and that is ok.  We ended up having enough cookies for everyone to go home with something even if they didn't bring some.  Next year I think we are going to do a more traditional cookie exchange where everyone makes enough cookies for everyone to take home a couple of everyone's different cookies!  Once again this group moaned and groaned about having to do it but everyone loved it in the end!

Finally we finished the day with desert.  This is one thing that never changes.  Every year I have to make a pavlova  .............
and Lyn has to make a Raspberry Hazelnut Meringue!
 and to pretend to be healthy we added some fruit!
It was lovely day but then again it always is when we get together.  Now we are a break till our new years starts up on the 4th of January.  

Till next time.....happy stitching!


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all! All the gifts were just beautiful and the food looks yummy! We just skip the healthy stuff...no illusions here! LOL!!

  2. Goodness gracious!! That looks like a FUN party! Love the pincushion swap - such lovely and different ones. Did I miss seeing a picture of the one you made? Desserts - what can I say - YUM!! I'm glad you had a GREAT time!! Merry Christmas!

  3. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I love the idea of pin cushions for you gift exchange - they all look so well made.

  4. Nothing like "traditions"! What fun you must have had. I once lived in a community that had a cookie exchange at christmas time. It was such fun to be able to set out a big variety.(but in truth, by the time I had tasted one of each, there was not a lot left to share with the family).

  5. What a fun day with friends. No plain old pinchushions for you girls, they are all works of art.

  6. My goodness does it look like you all had a wonderful time! Beautiful gifts, neat desserts and cookies and I think I might see some wine there!

  7. What fun that must of been. I just love all of the pin cushions. That sounds like a fun swap. What yummy deserts.


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