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Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day

Like Betty Lou I too always feel a little bit sad when Christmas draws to a close.  Apart from all the more virtuous aspects of Christmas I also love the things that you can do at Christmas time and can't necessarily get away with the rest of the time - fairy lights, Santa plates, bits of whimsy and cutesy things etc.  I especially love Christmas lights and this year I have just broken the news to my husband that I want to leave a set or two up all year.  I have some gorgeous coloured stars up in my kitchen - you can see them here up behind the Christmas tree although the colours don't show up well.
I have decided that they look so pretty, and I enjoy them so much, that they can stay on the timer for the year and they will come on to cheer me EVERY night.  Hubby just smiled a long suffering smile.  He is very wise sometimes!

My friend from Ireland visited just before Christmas and she gave me these pieces of Donegal Tweed.   There are 18 pieces all up - six of each - now I just need some suggestions what to do with them.  Can I mix them with normal cottons or do I need to combine them with more wool?  Any ideas?
I have been busy baking today and prepping for tomorrow's Annual After Christmas Party.  I have made a pavlova and some mini chocolate cupcakes that I am hoping to turn into Strawberry Santa Hat Cakes that have been around on the web this year.  I can't remember where I saw them first but if they work I will share tomorrow night.  The trick is going to be finding strawberries the right size!  Our other contributions to the meal are strawberries to add to the combined fruit salad, marinated barbecued chicken, and roast rosemary and Parmesan potatoes and nutmeg and honey glazed butternut pumpkin and sweet potato.  I am also adding in a mac and cheese as my kids love it and I think some of the others will like it too.  The other girls are bringing pre-dinner nibblies, two different sorts of sausages, a variety of salads and a trifle.  We NEVER under-cater when we get together and we always eat well!

On Christmas Eve, while watching the Christmas Carols on TV I layered up my Christmas Quilt.  I posted about it almost a year ago here when I completed the top.  Then I put it away and on Christmas Eve I had just enough time to pull it out and layer it.  Tonight I am at least starting the quilting.  I doubt i will get it finished but that is ok.
These is something nice about working on Christmas projects AFTER Christmas as it sort of prolongs some of the nice feelings!  And Christmas fabrics often have a lot of the whimsy about them, or at least the fabrics that I tend to choose do, that I love about Christmas!

I hope you have all had a lovely day.

Till next time............happy stitching!


  1. You can sew the pieces together with the seams up; that is having also a backing and a wadding square and sew all at the same time. I have a picture of one on my blog dated 23 July 2011, the quilt I made for my neighbour.

  2. Those Donegal tweeds are so lovely. I have no idea what you might do with them. I think I would want to put them into something to wear, a panel in a vest or something like that.



  4. All your deserts sound so yummy and mac and cheese is everybody's favorite, including me. I even like that mac and cheese from a box. The Christmas quilt, think I made one simular but in such cute fabrics as yours. Thank you so much for linking to my blog, you and I must be eternal optimists

  5. love the wool and would keep it just the way it is and not pair it with cotton. What about a pillow or a small quilt to throw over the back of a chair or couch? Mum made me one and blanket stitched appliqued mitts to random squares. Really cute in wool!


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