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Friday, December 2, 2011

All Sorts

That was what my day like - all sorts of bits and pieces.  First up off to the boys' school to collect some Christmas decorations and cards that some of the Primary children made for the Aussie Soldiers in Afghanistan.  There were so many cute ones but I am not showing you more than one just in case a certain Warrant officer should peek again - I am pretty confident he won't but just in case.  This was one of my favourites!  A three dimensional Christmas tree.

And the messages written in some of the cards were just gorgeous - so lovely I contemplated including a box of tissues with them if you know what I mean.  I scanned six of the best and will share them once they have reached their destination.

Next it was on to visit a friend briefly and then off to the LQS to look for some fabric.  first up some horse fabric.  One of the female soldiers that we are going to make a quilt for loves horses so of course I need some horse fabric.  Another one likes sunsets and oceans but I couldn't find any decent fabric to use so I will keep looking.
 And lastly I needed some material to go with this shirred Disney fabric I am going to make into a dress for my niece for Christmas. The pink spot will be great for tie over the shoulder straps and an extension on the bottom.

When I got home there was a parcel waiting for me from Jeni Baker of In Colour Order - yummy vintage sheet fat quarters.
 I particularly like the pink one in the middle. I have plans for these after Christmas.

Tonight I had very little time to myself - too much taxi driving to do.  I need to work on one of the Christmas quilts I have underway but it would have been too hard to do that in short spurts so instead I started these Christmas decorations.  They come from this book which is one of the Art to Heart books that I love!
 You can see the angel in the middle here and this is what I am making except that their version is stuffed like a little pillow and requires hand sewing which hurts my hands.  So, instead I am making a flat version with wadding and extra thick stiffener like I used to make a gift tag.
The fusing is finished - the stitching is next but that won't be tonight.

Before I go, don't forget to check out my giveaway.  Feel free to tell your friends about it too.

Till next time..............happy stitching!


  1. You do such great things for the soldiers! My daughters drew in Christmas cards this year and I wrote messages and we mailed them to Holiday Mail for Heroes. It was fun and we did it on Veteran's Day (Nov 11) to remember their sacrifices. My kids are little, but they understood.

  2. You've been busy.
    I have just finished my 20th block from the fabrics you sent me. Will post next week once I complete some other stuff I want to send you.
    Off to bed now, got to get up early to do Orca Bay part 3.

  3. What a sweet card. You and your quilt group are so sweet to make all those quilts for the soldiers. Just puts a warm spot in my heart. Jan-Maree you have such a kind heart. I just love the vintage sheet fat quarters. What a treasure.

  4. Goodness Jan-Maree! Let me know if you need more vintage sheet fat quarters. I will send you some! I have tons!!!!

  5. You do have so many wonderful projects on the go! I can see why you are resisting Orca Bay...for now.


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