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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope everyone has had a lovely day.  Ours was a little bit messy - let's just say two teenagers, new computer games and computer problems!   Hmmmm.........Let's just say that while my husband was wrestling with the computer problems I had a little extra free time on my hands so, what to do, SEW OF COURSE!!!
My friend's daughter knows two fellows heading off to Afghanistan in mid-January so I whipped up two new laundry bags.  I only had initials for one - Tim, who is now nicknamed Tin Tin just doesn't know it yet.  For the other fellow I figured he can write his own initials on as long as his bag is distinctive!
 I have to say that I just LOVE the ants on Tin Tin's bag!
I sent the boys in Afghanistan an email last night wishing them a merry Christmas and letting them know that they were in our thoughts and I received an email in return from our friendly Warrant Officer.  Apart from saying that he was missing his family   :-(    he also requested that I have a beer for him seeing as he wouldn't be able to.  Well, I don't drink the stuff (ugh!!!) but I promised that my husband would have one for him instead.  Here he is toasting the Warrant Officer and the team  This is the one beer he had today and it was especially for the guys!!!
 And my boys would kill me if they knew I posted this, but then I like to live dangerously!  We are just about to tuck into our Christmas dinner.  That is Fly Boy on the left and Guitar hero on the right.  Those three Santas that seem to be floating in mid air above the table are actually a mobile that my Mum always hung in our kitchen at Christmas when I was a kid.  Love it!
Desert for the boys at Christmas is always a challenge as David really likes to have a sago plum pudding which I am happy to eat too.  The boys don't like it.  This year I was inspired by these cute bowls - vanilla icecream, mini marshmallows, 100's and 1000's, mini M&Ms and the best thing - Iced Magic  - for the unitiated it is a chocolate topping that goes hard on contact with the cold ice cream and it is JUST YUMMY!!!
Yep, they were happy!

Till next time............happy stitching.baking, recovering...........


  1. Hopefully the computer problems are solved and all is happy and bright.
    Thanks for sharing Christmas at your home today, and thank you for sharing your good deeds and quilting ventures during the year.

  2. how lovely dinner with family...then time to sew in peace!! xx

  3. Merry Christmas! I like the fabric on your new laundry bags. Looks like your Christmas was yummy and FUN! We haven't had our meal yet . . . soon! I'm liking that ice cream dessert.

  4. Jan-Maree you have a beautiful family. Your dessert looks yummy.

  5. Happy festive season ! Glad you managed to do some sewing. I love the fabric with the ants in it. Pls tell me where you bought it... I must have some even if only a 5" square...The photo of your family is very nice.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful christmas, could you please give me the dimensions for the laundry bag, I only have a few days and our son in law is leaving for Afghanistan and he now said he would like a bag.


  7. lovely post Jan-Maree.


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