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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 sleeps and lots of fun to come.....

Tonight my three girlsfriends - Sandy, Jacqui, Tarja and I -  the four of us make up the SISTERHOOD - had our annual Kris Kringle get together.  Tonight we went to a Chinese Restaurant and then back to Tarja's house to open our Kris Kringle gifts without making a spectacle of ourselves in the restaurant!  This year I was giving a gift to Tarja and I decided last year that every year from now on I will make a quilt.  This year it was Tarja's turn.  Ages ago Tarja was in a quilt shop with me and she saw this bird fabric and walked around the shop nursing the bolt.  She didn't end up buying any but I went back later and bought some and used some of it to make her a pincushion.
The rest I used as my inspiration for this
 enlarging the picture of one of the birds and appliqueing these at the top.
 I straight line quilted the body of the quilt and then bravely did some stippling around the birds.
 All finished!

Every year we give each other cards and usually find special ones - three dimensional ones etc - but this year I couldn't find anything that I liked so I decided to write my message on the backs of these.  There will be no mistaking who gets which.  Last night I texted the girls - Santa, Mrs Claus, Elf or Angel.  I made the girls choose one and let me know, without knowing what it was for - they hate that!  Hee hee!!  And then there are the colours - green for Tarja, purple for Jacqui and Blue for Sandy!!!

Yep!  She was pleased!  
The funny thing was after Tarja got over the excitement of her quilt she looked at Sandy and said you get a quilt next year and then the three of them started planning what they wanted for their future quilts!   Very funny.  So much more fun to make them quilts when you know they are going to love them! 

Till next time..........happy stitching!


  1. that is SO cool and what a nice quilt, did you scan the bird and enlarge it? I LOVE that fabric, it's SO cute, what's it called?

  2. Wow! I love that quilt! Great job!

  3. Wow - you made such a wonderful quilt for your friend. I love the look of excitement on her face as she was opening the gift.

  4. A gorgeous quilt... but the best is the photo of your ''sister'' a classic surprise well done JM xxx


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