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Saturday, December 17, 2011

8 sleeps to go - time for some carolling!

Tonight I am settled in my sewing room, first with Michael Buble and then with lots of lovely Aussie performers.  I am enjoying the carols on TV - the Michael Buble Christmas Special and then the Annual Carols in the Domain in Sydney - yummy!

Only a few hours to go till I draw the winner of my  Blog Hop Party Give Away and there is still time to check out the other participating blogs as well.    I will be back later to tell you who one my give away!

Now, someone who shall remain nameless has challenged me to show my scraps!  Oh please!  Who would want to see them - all of them - in their abundant glory!  They are not very Christmassy but I am no wimp so I am up for the challenge - and why the challenge?  Because She who is supposed to remain nameless  found out about a planned Scrap Attack on Stitched In Colour and goaded me to join her!  

Get ready!  This year I have been taking part in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I have made quilts, table runners, placemats and so much more but my scraps do not seem to diminish!  It probably doesn't help that I started with 20 years of scraps and half way thru the year took delivery of several garbage bags of leftovers and scraps from a couple of ladies at the local quilt store. My scraps aren't ALL my scraps, though most of them are!   So, like said, get ready!!!

Some of my scraps are in my sewing room temporarily.  This is my bag of Christmas scraps!  I think I love Christmas scraps almost as much as I love Christmas.
 and these are two of my three bags of green scraps.  
 they are in my sewing room as I plan to make a fe more of these ....at some point
 And this big wheelie bin is about two feet tall and it is fabulous.  It is in my office and it is where I throw the scraps of my WIP and current projects.  Eventually it will get sorted out into my other scrap bags, some time when i want to sit and relax in front of a movie and not sew. 
 (not sew?  Yep, that is why the bin is almost full - doesn't happen very often!)
 Also in my office I have these drawers.  In them I have my scrap squares.  All sizes - 1 1/2", 2", 
lots of 2 1/2"   and so on. 

 This year I made a quilt out if lots of these squares.  All the 2 1/2" squares came out of these drawers.
This is the chair I use when i do most of my cutting out  - the bag slung on the back is another scrap bag.  I throw anything too small to put back in my stash into that bag until I empty it into my pink bin. 
 Now the rest of the scraps are stored in the back room.  this used to be the boys' playroom but they are too old for a playroom now so i have taken over part of it for the stash overflow.  This is where the bulk of my scraps (and everyone else's) is stored.  that plastic container with the blue handle contains all my old cotton cafe curtains from when we lived in Darien, CT.  they are too good to throw away and will one day be cut up.  The folded blue striped material is a charity quilt that I have to quilt after Christmas.  there is spare batting scraps and more tubs of larger scraps!  Oh joy!!!!
Each of these drawers contains grocery bags containing scraps. 
Orange and Yellow
 White/Cream and Tan
 MORE Green
 Black and Brown.............and so on.
 There is also a bookcase which contains the Gumnuts's stash of donated fabrics, bags of 13's fabrics, homespun and loads more! 
Somehow, in this house I think the Scrap Attack has already started!  Oh dear!

Ok, now that I am thoroughly depressed I am going to go back to watching the Christmas specials on TV and make a laundry bag for a Mr AW in Afghanistan!   I want to get it in the mail on Monday!

Back later with a finished laundry bag - I hope and most importantly....the winner of my Giveaway!

Till then - Happy Carolling and.............. Happy stitching!


  1. oh my thats a lot of scraps

  2. You have at least a 100 quilts that can be made just from your scraps! You better get busy(ier)!

  3. Lots of scraps, but it looks like you are organized. Looks like you're making good use of them. Love the green strings.

  4. hahahahahaha you will now be know as ''the baglady of scraps'' xxxx

  5. I love "scraps" and I love to incorperate them into quilts...when they get just TOO small I donate them to my grandsons after school club for "art work" class...I have to say I am NOT organised enough to have them colour coded xx

  6. Hands down, you WIN as the scrap queen!! I thought mine were bad, but I'm not even close!! I know, though, that you'll be making some awesome blocks and quilts out of those beautiful scraps! But, until then, go enjoy your movies and ENJOY this wonderful time of the year. Merry Christmas!!


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