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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bookmarks, Ornaments and G'day and welcome!

I don't seem to have much to show for today but I did get a lot done.  First up I managed to layer and pin my brown disappearing nine patch quilt.  I am hoping to quilt it on Thursday.  It has to be completed by the 20th.    Quilt it Thursday, bind it Friday - that's the plan!

I also managed to complete the rest of the ornaments that I showed you yesterday.  

Next it was off for a haircut and then I dropped in on a fellow Gumnut, Irene, to deliver a cute Christmas train set for her to show her grandbabies.  This was a lucky spur of the moment purchase when we lived in the States when ,y boys were little and they loved it.  They still like it but these days I lend it to Grandmothers  (that I trust to keep it safely) each year so they can enjoy with their grandbabies.  I actually have a video of it working but I don't know how to upload it into my blog!  As the train goes around it flips the track and turns the turnstiles etc.  Very cute!
I also took along these none patches made by a lovely lady called Jennifer ( non blogger) to go in a quilt for one of our Aussie girls in Afghanistan.  
We decided that we need to make 9 more 9 patches to have enough to put on point with plain squares to make a quilt.  Irene generously volunteered to make the extra 9 blocks.

Then it was up to the quilt shop to buy some fabric to bind both of the quilts I need to bind on Friday and then home to sew.

This is what I was working on for most of the rest of the day - bookmarks for three special people.  I still need to finish the applique and then add the backing.  
 And two more ornaments, also gifts!  I love making these things - don't know why I don't do it more often!

Santa still needs some finishing!

I hope you have all been checking out all the wonderful blogs having giveaways in association with the Quilters Gallery Blog Hop Party  - there are about 250 blogs registered here and there are lots of really generous giveaways!  You really should check them out.  I have been trying to check out as many as I could that's for sure!   Don't forget to check out my giveaway too.

Blog Hop Party

And before I go - a very big G'day to all my new followers.  Great to have you.  Hope you will come back regularly as I love sharing what I am doing with all of you and getting your feedback.  I think I will have to have another giveaway after Christmas to celebrate!

Till next time...............happy stitching!


  1. What a cute train and that is great that you can loan it out and will still have it for the day when you have grandchildren! Your bookmarks and stars are so precious!

  2. How nice of you to lend the train to special Grandmothers.

    Lovely gifts you have made.Gorgeous verses on the bookmarks.

  3. You have been busy!! This is definitely the time of year to want to stay on that train track - I think my little cars fell off a ways back as I am so far behind.

    Thank you for dropping yesterday - the sled in the top picture is my old sled. I thought about finding a nearby hill and trying a couple of belly flops but then remembered all the knee replacements and 2 broken wrists of recent years...so I put some greens and big red bow on it and called it done :o)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Lovely quick projects there I see. You are doing great work with the quilts going o/s ! Keep it up!
    Season Greetings :)

  5. Your bookmarks are just gorgeous... did you design them? xxx

  6. Wow - more lovely projects. I love the sentiments on the bookmarks. I have fallen hopelessly behind!


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