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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Postman Pink and a little Revealing

First things first.  The Post man came today and brought my pink blocks from Celia for the month of May - Pink being this month's colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  These are the ones I sent Celia...
and these are the ones she sent me!  Love the little teacup of flowers and the beaded purse is extra special as it is from Celia's recent  trip to South Africa.  Yes, I am spoilt!  Thanks Celia!

Tomorrow I have 11 of the mums from my boys' year at high school coming for morning tea.  We normally have one function a term, sometimes a dinner and sometimes a morning tea.  I decided that it was too cold in winter to go to a cafe so opted to invite everyone here.  there are sixty-ish students in the year but usually only between8 -12 come so it isn't a big group to cater for.  These are coconut berry bites - there is a dollop of berry jam hidden in each.

 I wish you could smell this - it is a lemon cake - rind of two lemons so it smells great - hope it tastes as great.  Tomorrow I will add orange icing.
 And these are scones made with my favourite lemonade and cream recipe.  A dream to make and so light.  They are in the freezer overnight and will thaw them and add strawberry jam and cream tomorrow.
 I also made mini gingerbread cakes but I will photograph them tomorrow after I have added the drizzle of lemon icing.  Right now they just look like little chocolate cups cakes which was pretty funny coz Guitar Hero grabbed one and stuffed half in his mouth thinking it was chocolate.  Normally he wouldn't have touched them so I wonder what he will say if I offer him another!

A while ago (here), (here) and (here) I showed you some sneak peaks and now I can finally show you the full picture as the recipients have now received them.  The first was for Flo from Butterfly Quilting for a PIF gift.
The second PIF was for Joyce from Young by Design 
 And the third was for Larissa from Crafty God Chick.
 This last one was for my cousin's birthday.
I am still madly stitching my thing-a-ma-jigs for the latest Round Robin quilt which of course I can't show you but hopefully there will be some more sewing that I can show you soon.  I am about to go and get dinner for the kiddliwinks and then I am planning another evening in front of the TV hand sewing.  There will be a few more nights like this till it is finished but at least I am on track time wise.  after tomorrow's morning tea I will be back to daytime sewing of the easy to show you variety.

Till next time.....happy stitching!


  1. Glad you got my blocks.. love your bags and if I wasn't on a diet I would love to eat your baked goodies.
    Enjoy the time with your friends...

  2. Can you say YUMMY??!!! I'll be right over for morning tea!! I just saw a billboard over the weekend of a big 'ole jet and it was advertising a non-stop flight from Dallas to Australia!! Hmm . . .

    The bags are beautiful and I love mine!! I also really like the pink blocks that were sent and received.

  3. Here I am sitting drinking my morning tea and drooling over the baked treats! The bags look wonderful - I am sure they will be put to good use. Great pink swap blocks!

  4. So many goodies in this post, both to eat and eye candy. Your cake looks so good.

  5. Wow! My mouth is watering reading about all those goodies!
    And I love my bag! It is already in use. Thank you again! And I love the colors you picked for me too!

  6. Maybe next year I can get in on the scrap challenge or something like it...it sounds like a lot of fun! Love the bags! And, how nice for the moms to get together! Everything looks delicious!


  7. mmm yummy! Are you going to post recipes???

  8. What a wonderful swap love your pink blocks. Oh and the yummy's wished we lived closer. I just think the bags are so cute.

  9. Love those bags and all the different colour ranges xxx


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