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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fifteen today

I have posted this on my face book page and I am just waiting for my sons to yell and me and tell me to take them down - maybe I will maybe, I won't, but in the mean time - my twin sons Fly Boy and Guitar Hero turn 15 today.  Who would have thought they would make it this far!!!!!!

Hard to believe them that are now six foot tall were once this cute!!!!

They would so kill me if they knew I had put these up!
Birthday celebrations are a bit fractured as Fly Boy is on course with the Cadets today - left home at 650am!  He is going to a party tonight and then day two of the course tomorrow.  He hasn't even had presents yet.  I did give him a special breakfast though.

 In the bowl are scrambled eggs just the way he likes them - plain, no ham, cheese, pepper and salt or anything
 Guitar Hero got a special breakfast too.  Mini pancakes with maple syrup.  He hasn't done his hair yet so no photo of him blowing the candle out!
Guitar hero is having a quiet day (figuratively speaking as there is no real quiet with an electric guitar and bass guitar in the house!) and then tomorrow he is getting together with his two best friends, Master N and Miss K.

Till next time....Blogger willing!   Happy Stitching!


  1. Too cute!! And yes, they will not be happy !
    They do grow up fast dont they? My "baby" is now 23, cant believe it!
    Enjoy the celebrations!

  2. They look so cute... I didn't realise they were twins !! Happy birthday...

  3. Happy Birthday to Fly Boy and Guitar Hero!! Double the FUN!!

  4. Your babys are so cute. Happy Birthday to them. They grow up so fast.

  5. Happy Birthday to both, Guitar Hero and Fly Boy. Many more of those, as well!

  6. Now they were way too cute. Happy birthday to your boys. One minute babies next minute all grown up. (((HUGS))) Roz.

  7. They look so sweet and adorable! It is impossible to believe how quickly time flies and how fast they grow up.


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