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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just had to tell you!

The great green monster is finished, well except for the label, but still - 360 inches of binding done!  Hooray!  This has to be the largest quilt i have made - 90" square.  I have decided that I can't do any bigger as this is the highest my clothes line can go and the most I can fit on the floor in my lounge room unless I move all the furniture and the chairs are too heavy.  believe it or not it will be going on my son's single bed!  He wants it to tuck in a lot at the bottom and at the sides.  Not sure he needs it this big but he can take it and put it on a double bed whenever he leaves home.
And while we are at it I have finished the binding for this one for my aunt and uncle as well.

I have been doing LOTS of other stuff over the last two days but I can't show you yet.  First I have been doing some sewing - making some @#$%$$# that will be part of my contribution to one of the round robin quilts for my quilt group.  Can't show you as the fabric and colours will give away who it is for.  I have also been doing a lot of cutting out.  I have cut up all my pink scraps so that I am ready to sew for the rainbow scrap challenge Scrappy Saturday.  I needed to choose something that would use most of the scraps AND would be quick to put together so I am making a quilt like this one which was made my Debbie and which inspired
 this quilt which was made by Lyn
The only difference is that mine will be very pink and the packing is going to be 9 1/2 inch squares of pink.  Not sure about the binding yet.  I think this quilt is destined for either my family room or Quilts for Keeps.  Not sure yet.  I may just make up the top and backing and put them away till I have more time so I can use them for FMQ practice.

I have also cut out the four 5 " star blocks that I have to sew to send to Celia for our own little monthly block swap in association with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Hoping to sew the stars tonight or tomorrow.

Normally I post at night but today I thought I would post in the morning.  It is cold here today - not helped by the fact that the exterior of the house is being painted a the moment and the painter has several doors open all around the house.  I am freezing and the cold is not good for my knees.  I am now going to heat up some leftover beef casserole for lunch and sit on the sofa in front of the TV.  After I eat I will spend the afternoon watch taped episodes of "Hawaii 50" while I stitch more @#$%$$#  and work on my granny square crocheting!  At least that will keep me warm.....I hope!
Till next time......happy stitching!


  1. Your green quilt turned out beautifully. Your son is going to love. You are fast at sewing the binding down. I usually do that at night while watching tv mostly on the weedends. I know you aunt and uncle are going to love there quilt. I just love how it turned out.

  2. The green quilt is beautiful as is Auntie and Uncle's quilt. Great job!! Hope you're keeping warm!

  3. Wow - as I expected, both your quilts look amazing! Simple designs- but oh, so effective!!!!
    Stay warm and enjoy your granny squares (Coincidence? lol, I learnt how to crochet these blocks on Monday and have done five so far since then!! Pretty good for someone who only 6 months ago couldn't have even told you how to do a chain stitch, lol!)

  4. Love the ''green monster'' and the Aunt and Uncles quilt is looking great... you really are producing some projects lately xxx

  5. Love the green monster....it's just beautiful. You've been busy! Great job!

  6. Oh my! The green one is wonderful... although green is my favourite colour!... but the others look fantastic too! Well done! :)

  7. Congrats on two finishes - they both look great but I absolutely love the green monster!

  8. The green monster is fabulous! That is something your son will love foryears to come. Don't you just love coming around the last corner on the binding and knowing you are in the last stretch! Fun stuff.

  9. Your quilt may be green but is a monster, only in size, I like it. Enjoyed seeing your friends scrap quilts. You do get more accomplished in one day than anyone else I know. You go girl!

  10. Green Monster is now Green Gem! So glad your son wants it!

    I love how the purple blocks on your aunt and uncle's quilt pop out on top of the other fabrics.



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