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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here it is Jennie (private joke)

Hooray!  Finished just in time to post.  Had a good sewing day today.  Started out by making the first four pot holders of a how ever many I end up making for the Irish Charity Bazaar. 

I have got about another ten cut out and in various stages of completion after ducking out to buy matching thread today. 
This afternoon and this evening I have been working on a gift for my niece J who is currently living in London.  My husband is heading over there next week and will be catching up with her.  I am going to send her some of her favourite Aussie chocolates and they will go into this

Well, they MAY go into this.  I am planning to make another bag in more modern fabrics tomorrow, slightly smaller than this one which has a base of about 7".  After I have finished that one I will decide which one looks most like Miss J. 

That's it for me tonight.  Happy stitching everyone!


  1. The pot holders are wonderful. I love the color and whimsical print!
    What a great aunt you are to send Miss J such a great gift!

  2. I'm loving the potholders and the cute bag!


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