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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday cakes and thinking pink...

Well, there hasn't been much sewing today or yesterday as it has been a busy weekend with both boys celebrating their birthdays and lots of odds and ends being needing to be done around the house after the painting was completed.

Fly Boy had a long day on course yesterday and backed it up by attending a 16th birthday party for one of the lovely girls in his youth group.  He was happy for me to make her a present so I had fun sorting it out.  I found out that she liked black, white and gold so I went shopping and found the perfect fabrics
and made her a cute bag
Black and white and lines with gold!
While my wonderful husband spend most of the day finishing painting the kids' bathroom, I spent the morning sorting thru the 6 huge bags of fabric I was given yesterday with one of my quilt group buddies and then in the afternoon I was playing hostess to Guitar Hero and his two friends after they had been to see a movie and dined at Maccas for his birthday.  Among other things I baked a double batch of chocolate chip cookies so that they could have some out of the oven and also so that they could have some to take home.  I even managed to make some progress on my current round robin project.  Of course I can't show any of that to you yet but once I have my contribution to it completed I will email it to some of my regular followers so if you want me to include you in the mailing list leave me a comment.

There is some progress I can show you though - my Think Pink quilt for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is coming along.  Last weekend I sewed all my 6 1/2 inch pieces into one 24 ft long strip.  Then I calculated that I had enough for two quilts.  That was as far as I got until this afternoon when I managed to get the big strip cut into twenty three forty inch strips. 
This is where I am at so far. The strips are yet to be sewn together but maybe that will have to wait till next weekend. 

I have a busy week this week.  Shopping and errands tomorrow, baking on Tuesday for morning tea at my home for the other Year 10 mums from my boys' school on Wednesday, working bee with quilt group on Thursday and getting together will another quilt group Buddy on Friday so we can brain storm her next move for the current round robin quilt she has to work on.  Oh and I forgot - my sewing group on Wednesday night too for which I have to cut some backing and batting for this quilt so I can progress forward.  In any sewing time I get in between times I have to continue the hand sewing I am doing for the round robin quilt.  I have got enough to keep me busy that is for sure!

The boys finally managed to get their birthday cakes tonight - it was the first meal that we were all together for all weekend so we made them wait till tonight but they didn't mind.  Don't count the number of candles - I just put in as many as I could fit as there was no way to fit fifteen on.  This is Fly Boy's honeycomb log.  Bought chocolate biscuits, sandwiched with whipped cream that has crushed choc coated honeycomb mixed into it.  Easy Peasy!  and his current favourite!
 And this was guitar hero's choice!  Yes, that's right - mini donuts stacked up!  Not very exciting if you ask me - but very popular with the recipient!  So, even easier peasier!
Well, till next time that is all for me.  I have a date with a sofa, some hand sewing and a good American TV show called "Castle"!

Happy stitching!


  1. I loved the fabric for the bag... and the pink quilt is going to look very nice...
    Enjoy the rest of your evening sewing.

  2. Cute bag - I bet she loved it! You have made great progress on your pink quilt and I am looking forward to seeing your progress on Shattered.

  3. Hi Jan-Maree! I love the cute black bag!! I know she'll love it as I totally adore mine!! Have you thought about adding white (or off white) fabric in between the rows of pink to break it up a little? Whatever you do I know it'll be beautiful! I enjoy Castle also!!

  4. Your bag and fabric are just awesome.

    Your quilt is going to be fabulous!

  5. Jan-Maree I just love the black and white bird fabric. The bag is so cute and your pink quilt is coming along nicely. Both desserts look yummy you are a great mom.

  6. Busy day---week-end and even more busy next week. Love the bithday cakes. I signed up for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, will wait until June to start.

  7. I am loving your fabric selections for that bag - though, not as much as I adore the fabrics in mine!! You are so clever ... and that pattern is just gorgeous!!
    Your pink quilt is really looking fantastic!! I love how it has that higgledee-piggledee charm to it - Fantastic!!!

  8. your bag is just the perfect gift for a teenage girl I love it. Again I am exhausted reading your blog you can certainly fit a lot into your day and achieve so much I think I will have to take lessons from you on how not to waste time LOL and get more done.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.

  9. You're such a good mom! Love that bag!



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