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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I don't have my Mum or my Nanna with me anymore and I really miss them on a daily basis.  They would so love to see what I am making these days.  I made my first ever quilt for my Nanna, in recognition of all that she had done for me and others with her hands. 
Wish they were here.
 and with me
and Nanna
I miss you but I am so glad that I had you both, your examples, your encouragement and your love.


  1. Hi Jan-Maree! I hope that you are having a lovely Mother's Day! Your Mum and Nanna would really love the work that you are doing. Were they both quilters also? I'm sure they are doing their fair share of bragging about you in heaven!! Enjoy your special day!!

  2. A lovely post and even lovelier tribute to these special women that you were luck enough to have in your life. I'm sure that they would be very proud of you. I hope your day was special and not too sad.

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you! It is so sad that you have lost both your Mum and Nanna but you know that they both live on within you. I think they would be very proud of you and your accomplishments.

  4. I know they would be so proud of you! Your Nanna did a good job passing down the talent and generosity!



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