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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Up, Up and Away

Who is up, up and away?  Not me!  :-(  My husband as usual and this time he is off to three different cities/countries including good old London, England.  While he is there he is going to catch up with my niece J who has been living there for about five years now.  A couple of posts ago I showed you one bag that I had completed and said I was going to make a second one and then decide which one I would send to J.  Well, there is no contest.  This is the one I am sending. 
And it is already filled

 with this!  Her uncle went a tad overboard on the Aussie chocolates so J may have to fit in a few extra gym sessions - Freddo Frogs, Caramel Buttons, Caramello Bears and, down the bottom where you can't see them, Cherry Ripes! 
Tonight we are off out to dinner to a Pizza Pasta Restaurant followed by a quick trip next door to the Max Brenner Chocolate shop for coffee and desert after!  YUM.  Camera already in the bag so I can share with you tomorrow!
Happy stitching!


  1. Wow! That bag is adorable!! I like the green accent with the blue fabric along with the green grosgrain ribbon. Lovely job and your niece is going to LOVE it!!

  2. Your nice will love this bag---------and the candy will be such a hit.

  3. You're right! This bag is a winner!
    She will be thrilled...and I am sure excited about all the treats too!

  4. Love the bag... great colour choice... and how lucky is she ''caramello bears'' YUMMO my fav xxx

  5. Another beautiful bag!! And the goodies?!! YUM! My only query...where are the tim tams, lol? (That's generally my request from ex-Aussies overseas!)

  6. Your bag is so cute. I know you neice will love it. The chocolate's sound so good,

  7. What a lovely bag. Even better because it is full of treats! Hope you computer issues are sorted out soon enough, it is no fun to be without pictures.


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