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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thinking pink again!

Agghhh it feels like so long since I have sat at my machine and done a bit of sewing but I finally got to today.  Most of my week has been taken up with hand sewing thingy's - five out of sixteen to go and then I am free of them!  Can't tell you about them as they are for the quilt group Round Robins but I promise i will share when I can - don't hold your breath though!

I have also been cooking for morning teas and so on.  But today, after Guitar Hero was dragged kicking and screaming to the shops to buy clothes for the camp he is going on in two days, and after the grocery shopping was done, and the laundry was caught up on and after out Saturday night movie night (The Tourist) with Fly Boy (boycotted by Guitar Hero who preferred to dwell like Gollum in his cave computer room) I finally managed to get in some sewing - YAY!!!

I was planning to make three quilts from my pink strips but after sewing one together I decided to make two.  I was also planning a black polka dot border and then a pink striped border but I changed my mind again.  This is what I am planning now

These are just paper cut outs.  Tomorrow I will make some fabric ones. Not sure about the black. I have to think about possible colours tomorrow.  Sorry the photo colours - I have a new camera and I am still getting used to it.  At least one of these quilts will be going to Quilts for Keeps which a project that supplies quilts to children from two major Sydney Hospitals who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses and their siblings. 

Time for me to go and shoo my boys to bed.  Until next time.....happy stitching!


  1. I love the applique letters! Too cute! I'm sure this will make a kid feel comforted!


  2. I am not sure how anyone could look at these quilts with those words on them and not smile mate! These are awesome!!! SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

  3. Love the lettering, very cute. Brown always looks nice with pink if you don't want to go with the black.

  4. couldn't think what the letter stood for. I am a little slow! What a cute idea.

  5. i like the black applique!!!! those quilts are too cute!!!!

    My son is only 1 year old so don't have to worry about video games with him yet, however the boyfriend is another story!!!! All he plays lately is the Grand Theft Auto!!!! sigh.... i am a video gamer widow!

    Quiltingly Yours


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