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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spoilt rotten and loving it!!!!!!!

I have been flat out for the last few days as the outside of the house was being painted.  It was so cold here, just waited till this week to turn cold, WONDERFUL!!!   Not!  Unfortunately when it is that cold my knees get so sore that I really can't do much so each day, when I had enough of trying to get stuff done, I would free the dogs from the bedrooms they were locked in and sit on the sofa with the dogs on their leads.  The dogs weren't impressed but all the doors and windows were open so they couldn't be allowed to be free.  Eventually they would settle down and snuggle.  Meanwhile I would do some hand sewing.  It was nice to do the sewing ...but even with two quilts doubled up over me it was still cold.  So, it was nice to have my day brightened by a lovely quilty parcel!!!!!

A little while ago Donna and I decided to do a swap.  I would send her some Australian Quilting Magazines and she send me some fabrics.  Well, Donna received and her magazines and she is still enjoying them she tells me and now I have received my parcel - and I am so SPOILT!!!

Some gorgeously wrapped goodies
 And look what i unwrapped - pretty butterfly fabrics and gorgeous Laurel Birch cats
 more fabulous butterflies with irises and Jane's Magic Forest for Free Spirit
 more wonderful butterflies and MY FAVOURITE  - the tiger lillies - Jane's Floral Fantasy
 fabulous flowers
 fun stripes and dots and flowers
 and finally two pinwheel blocks!
 As if that wasn't enough Donna had also made me this gorgeous cherry hand towel and included a pattern I had admired and the peppermints. 
 Told you I was spoilt!  Thanks Donna.  This was a lovely warm fuzzy parcel on a freezing cold day!

I am going to have a lot of fun planning what to do with these pretties.........but first I have to catch up on all the stuff that has slipped by the by in the last couple of days!  At least I have the incentive to work faster.

Till next time.............Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh lucky you! Very nice goodies!

  2. What wonderful gifts - the fabrics look amazing.

  3. I couldn't think of a better person to be spoiled like this! Beautiful fabrics, such nice gifts!


  4. Jan-Maree I am so happy that you like your goodies.


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