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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I could be SO Bad!!!

One of my local quilt shops has a sale on - not my favourite shop by any stretch but worth a visit anyway.  I went there on Monday as I had to buy some fabric to make a birthday present bag for a girl's birthday party that my son is going to and I guess I found a few other things.....I could have been SO BAD but I wasn't.  There is still time though as the sale lasts for the whole month!

Here is the fabric that I bought to make the bag for a cute soon to be 16 year old friend of my sons.  Don't you love the bird cage fabric.  The gold doesn't show up too well but it has a metallic finish to it.  I asked what her favourite colours are and was told black, white and gold.  The gold is almost the same colour as the paper she used for her invitation so I should be pretty close to getting it right I hope.
Oh and he cute pink and black skull fabric - HAD TO HAVE IT!

Then I found these on the $5 a meter table!  I bought 2 meters of each which will make at least 8 bags for the Irish Bazaar I am sewing for at the end of the year.  Hoping to cut them out this week.

 I also bought four meters each of these fabrics.  The burgundy is ordinary quilt fabric but the Aztec print, which I love is heavier weight furnishing fabric and that is also destined for bags for Ireland, and maybe a small one for me.  The photo just doesn't do the colours justice.  Also $5 a meter!
 Ok, so having committed all that wickedness I am now trying to be good - I am starting to cut up all my pink scraps for this month's PINK  Rainbow Scrap Challenge project.  This is going to be a very quick pink quilt - I think I am giving it away - not sure yet.  I don't have anyone particular in mind which is always a trap.  I am going to do random 6 1/2 inch strips on the front and 9 1/2 squares on the back.  No idea how big the quilt will be, probably 40 inches by 60inches.  Not sure till I get going!
Now for the rest of my day I am going to be cutting out and then hand sewing.  I have the painters here, working on the outside of the house.  The only problem is that they have to have some of the doors and windows open which is making things very cold.  The cold gets into my knees and it hurts.  I also have the carpet cleaner coming today - the place is a mess - stuff everywhere.  So, I am going to cut out pink bits till he gets here and then I will have to move to the tiled family room, snuggle under a quilt, and hand sew in front of the TV.  I know tough life.

Till next time....happy stitching.


  1. You were so strong!! And such good bargains too!

  2. Sounds like a busy day. It seems more and more quilt shops are closing their doors. I think buying on line has cut into their business. What is your favorite pattern for purses?

  3. Those sales are a killer hey!?! :)
    Great buys!

  4. What wonderful bargins. Hope you keep warm and get to relax in front of the tv. Lucky girl.


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