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Monday, August 15, 2011

Where is it!!!!!

Don't you just hate it when you can't find something!  A few days ago I cut out my next two BOMs for the LQS BOM!  I know I cut out a red one and a Kaffe one - AND NOW I CAN'T FIND EITHER OF THEM.  I also can't find the pattern which isn't such a big problem coz I can get another copy but I wish I knew where the blocks are!  I was so organised cutting them out and storing them in sip lock bags and so on.  Grrrr! 

On a more pleasant note look what the postie bought me today!  These are my swap blocks from Celia.  We are both doing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and each month we swap some block of our own - I send her four 5 inch stars and a hexagon flower and Celia sends me four 5 inch crumb blocks and a stitchery.  I always love what I receive.   I think the stitchery is really cute but I also love the little teddy and the cute little girl.

 This is what I sent Celia. 

More quilty love turned up with the postman again today.  Last week I round out that I had won a quilt from Once Upon a Quilt.  Christine had a giveaway for anyone who sponsored her SIL, who needed sponsors for the Bridge to Brisbane to raise funds for Legacy.  I was the lucky one to win her quilt and I am delighted.  It is just lovely - beautifully quilted!
 This will be it's permanent home in my living room between my grandparent's old rocking chairs.
I had hoped to get some more work done on Bruce's quilt but no such luck - tomorrow hopefully.
Till next time.........happy stitching!


  1. Oh..oh..time to clean up the sewing room. When I start losing "stuff" I spend a little time clearing up and magically the lost items reappear! They are usually in a nice safe place under a pile of "something".

  2. I hope you find them soon. Whenever I lose something, it bugs me so much that I can't focus on anything else until I've found it or, regretfully have to admit defeat. If you're like me, you've put it in the perfect place, just can't remember it!

    Congrats on winning the lovely quilt!


  3. Haha...I have done that too! Good luck in your search!!

  4. Your postman was very good to you this week, I have a feeling that you send out more than you receive----that's a good thing.

  5. Hope you find your pattern , quilt looks lovely on your table

  6. What great swap blocks. Just love the variety of whites in those crumb blocks! I'm so glad that I am not the only one that loses things. I am STILL looking for one of the steps from Roll Roll Cotton Boll and the blocks are almost done. I keep thinking that nothing can ever disappear completely. Conservation of matter has to kick in sometime.

  7. Maybe it got stuck with some other blocks by mistake. I hate that when it happens. The blocks you and Celia exchange are great and what fun I love it. You are a very lucky girl winning such a beautiful quilt. What a great place to display it.

  8. I regularly lose things that I'd put in the 'perfect' place so I know your frustration!! I really hope you find it before too long!
    And what great blocks - they're all gorgeous!
    Congratulations on your win - and such a perfect place for a Gorgeous 'small' quilt! I know you will enjoy having that as part of your home!!!

  9. Are you sure you didn't swap your lost blocks with the postman. LOL.
    The little quilt you won is lovely how nice to win something as nice as a quilt.
    Hope by now your missing blocks have shown themselves.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.


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