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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Prelude to a busy day

My sewing machine and all the bits and pieces that I am going to need like thread, cutters and so on, are all packed away and waiting for me to load them into my car for tomorrow.  I will be spending the day with ten or so other ladies finishing off quilts for Queensland at a sew-in organised by corrie of the retromummy blog.  I have made ribbon sandwiches (instructions below) to take along
and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (recipe at the end)
and I am all set.  No chance to sew today then but I did spend some time cutting out tonight. 

First up I cut out the BOM blocks for the LQS.  if you remember I had decided to make two versions of the BOM: 1 in Kaffe Fabrics and one in reds.  After making up the first BOM in each version, and cutting out the BOMs for the second month, I promptly put the second blocks pieces somewhere "safe" and now I can't find them!  Agghghg!  So I have decided to continue with the red version and re-do the first BOM in hot pink and bright orange instead of Kaffe!  Tonight re-cut number 1and 2 in my orange and pink fabrics and I cut the red version in number 2.  I can't wait to sew them up to see what they look like.  Another couple of weeks and I will be able to get block 3 and I am quite looking forward to seeing what it looks like. 

I have also decided to join in with the Happy Quilting QAL Stars.  I haven't done a QAL before and I am not sure that I will be able to keep up seeing as I have to make Bruce's quilt but we will see what happens!  Not sure what I am going to do with the resulting quilt but I can decide as we go along. 
I have bought some rosie pink solid for the background and am hoping to combine it with scraps - wish me luck! 

Sorry there aren't many photos but I will post photos of the blocks where they are made up.  Tonight the camera is packed ready for tomorrow too.

Now, if you want the recipe for the cookies


125g butter
½ teasp vanilla
½ teasp grated lemon rind
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup peanut butter
1 ¼ cups plain flour
1 teasp bicarb soda
½ packet choc bits

Preheat oven to 180°/160°C fan forced.  Line baking tray with glad bake or similar.  Cream butter, vanilla, lemon, sugars and peanut butter.  Stir in flour and bicarb soda and choc bits.
Roll into ball and placed on trays and bake 15 minutes.  Cool on trays.

And to make the sandwiches.....

Buy two loaves of different bread, e.g. wholemeal and white.  Spread one slice of white with gherkin relish, top with think slices of ham, then top with a slice of wholemeal bread, spread this with cream cheese spread and sprinkle with crushed walnuts.  Spread a slice of white bread with cream cheese  spread and place on top of sandwich.  repeat with the remainder of the loaves alternating breads so some sandwiches have white bread on the outside and some have wholemeal.  Slice each sandwich into half and then each half into three.  I usually make these sandwiches and then freeze them before cutting them - wrap them in a double layer of plastic wrap.  I keep them in the freezer until the day I want to use them - then I cut them while they are still partially frozen.  makes it much easier to cut them nicely.

My Mum used to make these often when she had to take a place or when we were having a party and needed finger food.  I don't like gherkin relish or cream cheese spread but it always surprises me that I like these.  They are really yummy.

Well, I had better get to sleep so that I am full of energy for sewing in the morning.

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. Have fun, be sure to post with lots of pictures.

  2. I'll just bet your boys are in what we call "hog heaven" with your cooking! (That's a good thing!)Hope you have a lot of fun!

  3. Have fun, your sandwiches look yummy! Looking forward to you participating in the Happy Quilting Stars Quilt Along!

  4. Hope you have lots of fun. Sounds like the food will be good. Thank you for sharing your reciepes.

  5. How did I not know that there were peanut butter choc cookies there today?? Probably a good thing actually.

    Lovely to meet you today!

  6. Just to let you know, I was attacked by your stars and finally had to draft a pattern so I could make some of my own. Sorry I may not get to show them because my computer has died.


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