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Monday, August 1, 2011

Bits and pieces

I had one of THOSE nights last night when you wake up and don't feel at all rested.  Yuck!  So, I didn't really feel up to much so what did I do?  I tidied my fabric stash - well half of it!  This is the after shot - I forgot to take a before shot. These shelves mostly store my novelty fabrics and my bigger pieces for backings.  I have separated things into piles labelled DOGS/CATS,  NAUTICAL, BRIGHTS (my biggest category), HALLOWEEN, MUSIC etc.  The top two shelves are out of bounds to others as I often let my quilt group raid the stash and this way I don't have to worry about them grabbing favourites.  It looks so nice and neat now and will make it so much easier for me to delve into it!

 This IS the before picture.  This is where I keep (top shelf down) my 1930's, Mary Engelbriet and Pink and Orange collection.  The next shelf is my whites, yellows, neutrals and browns.  then on to the purples and blues and next the red and greens and then the pinks and black/white collection!
Finally the bottom shelf contains tins of labels, safety pins, kids tin lunchboxes with bits and pieces in them and notebooks and computer discs.  Hmmmm, this really needs a clean out but sadly probably another week!

No sewing today but i did manage to prepare this sweatshirt for my niece using some of the fleece leftover from the fleecy top.  The hardest part was ironing the cut out on to the  sweatshirt as you can't touch the iron to the fleece.  I managed to get it to stick in enough places by putting a layer of cotton fabric over the top of it and then I turned the top inside out and ironed it on thoroughly from the back.

I have stitched it down with a very fine zigzag in colour matched threads.  Not the most up market project I have ever completed but hey, it is for a 4year old and all she will notice is the princess.  it seems a waste to throw out the extra pics.  Not sure what I will do with the rest - have to think on that a while.

No other sewing today - just some good old line drawing for the little triangles that go on my scrappy stars.
Till next time..................Happy stitching!


  1. Good for you for tackling your stash and getting some organizing done. It seems that I am always having to do that!

  2. What a wonderful selection, like how you can see it all.

  3. Your storage looks great! Did you find anything you'd forgotten about? I was frantically looking for a book yesterday to finish up a UFO quilt top and found a stack of "Tea for Two" I had forgotten I got on clearance online!!! It was a great find...turns out I love it all over again:)

  4. At the rate I use my stash it would be all covered in dust were I to put it on open shelves. The little sweatshirt is darling. You certainly got a lot of mileage out of that fabric!

  5. Your stash looks great and it looks like you have a wonderful selection. The sweat shirt is so cute your niece is bound to love it esp. the color.

  6. Doesn't it feel good to take control of your fabric!( You have to let it know you're the boss!!!)
    Great job!

  7. Your stash looks great and what a cute sweatshirt!

  8. Your cupboard looks so neat and organized. I love it when everything is where I can find it, it just doesn't stay that way.


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