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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bye Bye Brooke :-(

Tonight was Brooke's going away party.  She is our lovely young lady who is going to Texas on exchange for five months!  Isn't she going to have a fabulous time.  And she is such a gorgeous young lady, inside and out, I just know they are going to love her!

We always decorate for whenever we are getting together for a special occasion so tonight was a no-brainer!

I was even able to find tiny sugar lollies in the shape of red, white and blue stars!  We can't put much on the table because it will soon be groaning with food anyway!

I was so pleased to be able to give Brooke her quilt.  She loved all the comments and I reckon she will know them all off by heart by the time she comes home again!

As usual at our sisterhood gatherings we had loads of yummy food - sorry, too busy eating to take photos but I did remember to take a pic of her special pavlova - I had seen this done as a cake before and though it would translate well into a pavlova!
Bye Bye Brookie - we will miss you but we will all be here waiting for you and we will look after Mum for you!

Till next time.........happy stitching!


  1. Looks like a wonderful send-off for Brooke's adventure!

  2. I love the message quilt..what a great idea. I am sure she will treasure that when she is far from home!
    Love the cake too!!

  3. Those decorations were awesome, and so was the flag cake!!! Texas will be an adventure!

  4. What a wonderful send off---------Welcome to Texas Brook.

  5. WOW you girls sure do know how to decorate and have fun and send someone off in style... the cake is just wonderful and it looks like the quilt is a hit too xxx

  6. WELCOME to Texas Brooke. That was a wonderful thing for you to do for Brooke Jan-Maree. Your did a wonderful job on her quilt. She looks very happy.

  7. Ditto from me on the Welcome to Texas sentiment! I wish she were coming to Houston as we'd give her a proper welcome!! It looks like the party, pavlova and quilt were all hits!! Way to go!!


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