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Saturday, August 13, 2011

What did I achieve today?  Well, let's see.  I trimmed the pastel quilt we worked on on Wednesday.

 It is not a great photo but you can see the striped binding at least.  And here you can see the pretty floral backing which I hadn't shown you before.
Next I made the binding and rod pocket for my Christmas quilt and got them sewn on.  I did the hand sewing tonight while watching TV.   It was a bit of a struggle because my hand was really sore but I really wanted to get it done.  There is just one problem with this quilt.  I am not sure where I can hang in at Christmas time.  I am not sure that I have a wall big enough for it and I don't want to lie it on a sofa etc.  I will have to give it some thought!
 And the back
 And a close up of the backing so you can see what it is like - one of my favourite Christmas fabrics that I have had for ages and am glad to have finally found a use for.
 After finishing the binding a spent an hour or so on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt.  Yes, the colour is white but I teamed it with lots of random scrap squares and got this and tonight I added some squares of the bright blue to some of the four patches.  I have a companion print to the blue which will be the border so I am pick out all the colours to cut some more squares to go with the four patch blocks.  I think there will be some gold in there too somewhere.
 The end result will be something like this and then I will add borders.  I need to do some cutting tomorrow when the light is better, and when I am not so tired.
Now before I go -

You have to see this gorgeous quilt over here.  It is called "Bird of Paradise" and the detail is amazing!

Till next time......happy stitching!


  1. Two wonderful finishes! I love the backings that you used for both. I haven't done anything for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge at all this month.

  2. I love a striped binding. Your Christmas quilt looks great and it came together so quickly! I love the blocks on the back too.


  3. I really like your Christmas quilt..and I am not a Christmas person even. (I know, I shouldn't say that out loud)
    And I checked out that bird..WOW that really is amazing!

  4. I am a sucker for pastel quilts! So pretty!!!

  5. I love your quilts. You have totally out done your self. I know you will find just the right spot for it.

  6. The christmas quilt has turned out absolutely fantastic and I am sure you will find a wall in your home to hang it at christmas time as it needs to be displayed to show off all your wonderful work and for all to admire xxx

  7. Lots of finishes-----what a soft pastel quilt the firsy one. Some little lady will love it. Another busy day at Jan Maree's house.

  8. Great finishes! Love your scrappy rainbow design, looks neat. You'll find somewhere to put your Christmas quilt.....we just keep making them don't we!

  9. Hi Jan-Marie, Well I just love your Christmas quilt and I have a wall big enough over here at my house. LOL. You have been busy once again. I have just returned home from Canberra the quilt show was great although a lot I had seen before.
    It was very very cold. Glad to be home.
    Thank you so very much with helping to pin baste my quilt on Wednesday I am very grateful.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.

  10. Two gorgeous finishes - they are truly gorgeous Jan-Marie! Well done at 'working through the pain' to finish the binding off ... and then complete those blocks for the white rainbow challenge quilt!! That's dedication for you!!!


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