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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Christmas Quilting

I have been determined to get as much done on my Christmas Quilt as possible by the end of tomorrow as I go back to my evening sewing class with Amanda who designed the applique picture for it tomorrow night and I want to be able to show her.  It has to be more satisfying, as a teacher, to see students finish things.

This is where I am up to.  It took me ages to fussy cut all the green borders/sashings so that I got the word "Christmas" in the correct place but I am really happy with the result.

 I hope you can see it a bit better in this picture. 
 These are two of my favourite blocks - I like to fussy cut little details like "Merry" on his nose
 and "Hope" on the pot.  One day I am going to make a whole quilt with all sorts of details fussy cut into it!
 Believe it or not this is how much of the green fabric I had leftover.  I couldn't have cut another strip with the words positioned in the correct place if I had wanted to and this last strip was unusable for that reason - the words were in the wrong position. 
My next decision is which border do I use?  The one on the left has cute little reindeer on it on a check background but maybe it is too dark.  The one of the right has "Peace on Earth" and other lovely phrases on it and was used in the quilt.  I think I am siding with the lighter fabric but I am not sure!  Input gratefully received!
Just before I go...

I have a few people ask me where to get the pattern for the Japanese Lunch Bag - my favourite little bag pattern.  It is available from Chandler's Cottage and you will find it if you click on STORE, PATTERNS and JAPANESE LUNCH BAG.  I tend to make my bags out of one fabric for the outside whereas their panels are pieced but I guess it depends on what fabric you have on hand.

That's it for me tonight....................till next time......happy stitching!


  1. What a great Christmas quilt! I think I like the lighter border, but you won't go wrong with either.

  2. What a darling quilt, this will be the one that you look forward to getting out each Christmas season. A lot of work in this quilt. Looks like you had just enough fabric.

  3. you really have captured Christmas in this quilt!! What a lot of work, but an amazing result!

  4. ohhhh Jan-Marie that is gorgeous.......love the colours and the pattern, I think I like the border on the right better :) hugs

  5. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC...... I bet you are so happy with the finish xxx

  6. Having taught many quilt-as-you-go classes, I can say from the teacher's stand point, it is very rewarding to see students with more than token involvement. I would rather see a student that is somewhat challenged make a table runner and learn the process rather than do nothing.That's going to be one happy teacher no matter which border you choose!

  7. Wow....It looks Fab.....I think the lighter border, Don't think you could go wrong with either but if the fabric is already in the quilt it may be your best choice.....Well Done!

  8. I am just in love with your Christmas quilt. The fabric on the right would be my first choice for the border. You have done a beautiful job your teacher is going to be proud of you. Can not wait to see which border you choose.

  9. Your quilt top looks great! I would choose the lighter fabric on the right for the border.


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