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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Close to the end and then Getting STARted

Today I managed to get the borders on my Christmas quilt  (photos tomorrow) and I pieced the backing for it too.  I still have a narrow piece to add along the side where the stars are and also along the bottom just to frame in the stars and label block.
 I managed to piece my label AND insert it in the backing - something I always want to remember to do and often forget until the quilt is already pinned! 
 After getting this far it was time to stop and feed the kids and after that I decided to leave the final touches till tomorrow when I am feeling fresher.

I did manage to get stuck into planning a quilt I am making for a friend of mine in the States.  He and his wife are friends of ours from when we lived there and he has just been diagnosed with a rare form of bone marrow cancer - I hate cancer!- and so I am aiming to get this too him by the end of September if I can.  Before I could go too far with planning I had to make sure I was happy with one of the ideas I had.

I googled and found this pattern for a five point star.  It has to be a five point star as that is the logo both the New york Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys.  I decided the best thing to do was to sew one up and see how it went.  It wasn't too fiddly and I am sure it will get easier as I do more.

I am going to do some with football fabric like this and some with baseball fabric with red stars and I think I will combine with with some other more simple squares.  Not quite decided what design they will be yet.....any suggestions?

I am also going to include these in some way

I bought these on eBay and there are two of each.  I think I will sew up the star blocks and then think about it some more.  I think I need to look at some inspiration pics and sleep on it. 

Till next time.................happy stitching!


  1. great idea to piece the label in to the backing, must try and remember to do that.

  2. I love the piecing the label into the quilt idea. I often piece my backs and piece my labels, but never together. Great idea!!

  3. I love your Christmas quilt and I ma such a sports dumbo that I would agree with your thoughts so far!

  4. Great backing and label, such a good idea to sew it on the backing. Can see your mind is alway designing a new quilt. Whatever you do for your friend, he will love it. Of course, I would tell you to make it all Dallas Cowboys, but I guess you have to throw those Yankees in there too.

  5. OH Jan-Maree I love the way you did your back. The star label is beautiful. Maybe you could fussy cut the cowboys helment and the NY. I know what ever you come up it will be wonderful.


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