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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I used leftover beef casserole to make home made pastries with bought puff pastry sheets.  I had one leftover sheet of pastry and decided to make it into a dessert.  I sprinkled it with sugar and topped it with sliced strawberries, diced apple and blueberries mixed with a little jam.  I called it fruit pizza!
 I offered some to my boys and they both turned up their noses at it!  One because it has berries on it!!!  Ho hum!  I enjoyed it! 
Pity there are three more pieces!  I can't eat all of them!

That is all I have got to show you tonight!  I have done a bit of sewing but nothing ready to photograph yet.  Tomorrow I have a fair bit of the day at home and I intend to catch up on some sewing and there should be photos tomorrow night.  I also go to the Wednesday fortnight sewing night tomorrow night - more FMQ or maybe finishing my BOM blocks.

Till next time......happy stitching!


  1. I that think the boys didn't know what they were missing, looks delicious to me. Oh well, you can't let it go to waste, you will have to have another piece. Maybe breakfast.

  2. I'd better be careful or I will be copying more than just your blocks! With my kids, there were NEVER leftovers!

  3. Your boys do not know what they are missing. That is what my grandpa would say when we turned up our noses at something he liked to eat. I love fruit pizza and would be willing to take a slice off your hands.(hehe)


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