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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Check, Check and more!

Quilt Group today -
Labels sewn on quilts - CHECK
Round Robin Quilt handed on - CHECK
Three Quilts for Queensland handed over to a willing volunteer - CHECK (well she was mostly willing - thanks Andrea!)
Christmas Stars not sewn or more cut out but we did discuss exactly what we are going to do and how we are going to do it for the Christmas Star Quilt which will be given to the local Bushfire Brigade as part of their annual Christmas Raffle.  Prior to next meeting everyone will either cut out Christmas stars or sew some or just come to the next meeting ready to sew and cut more.  We have decided to alternate to stars with five inch squares as well.  We will probably make a quilt big enough to go on a sofa or a single bed.

All in all a good result for a Quilt Group meeting!

And because i am not ready to show you any more of my work - the planning stage is so boring and nothing photo worthy yet - I decided to show you another of my Nanna dolls.  This is a cute little one. She made these to sell at the church fete too and they were great for little girls to play quietly with in church.  A little crocheted cot -

 complete with mattress, pillow, doll and blanket,

 and the top gathers up into a little bag.  The base if the bottom of a cleaning product bottle!  How cute!  This would have been another pattern from a magazine!
Till next time.........happy stitching!


  1. Oh, I had one of those! What great memories!

  2. It appears that you had a warm, loving, wonderful childhood! You are such a busy, productive lady!!

  3. I remember those little doll sets, never had one, but loved others


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