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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quick question.....

Just a quickie, so to speak - how big do you make a cot quilt?  I haven't made one for years.  I didn't make on for these when they were born as I was doing cross stitch more than quilting then.  I did make their overalls though - if you look closely you can see that I cross stitched their initials on the front so that the relatives could tell them apart - this outfit was for a family wedding.

And I wouldn't have had one either - just as well my sisters don't read my blog!  Check out their haircuts - real homemade skills there!

So, any suggestions on cot quilt dimensions?

Happy stitching.


  1. Well . . . I never really sew to a size, I just start sewing and see where it ends up. Big enough to lay them on or cover them, but small enough so it doesn't engulf them. Any help??? hehehe.
    Thanks for the good wishes about the hurricane. I am firing up the generator tonight to make sure it works. Always an adventure!

  2. I have made them all different sizes but in the area of 32" x 54" -ish. Check out the moda bakeshop for lots of free crib quilt patterns.
    : )


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