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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not much to show but.......

Had a busy day today.  First up made Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins, followed by Banana and Walnut Muffins.  In such a hurry that forgot to take photos.  I didn't get to keep any as today was haircut day for the boys and I.  We go to a friend of mine and she and I have an arrangement - muffins or cookies for haircuts!  Last night I made Rice Bubble Cookies so a dozen of each  muffin was wrapped up and about 18 cookies and the rest were packaged to deliver to some friends and a small package for my guitar teacher! 

While the muffins cooled I spent some time in my sewing room  - more on that later  - then it was time to package up the muffins and cookies and head out to do a couple of boring errands before heading to the hair dressers.  It was 1pm by the time I left there and that gave me about an hour at home before I had to leave again for a flying visit to LQS - we will come back to that - then it was time for my guitar lesson, followed by Guitar Hero's lesson, then wait for Fly Boy to join us off the bus from school then off to the hairdresser again for their haircuts!  Finally home to get dinner.  Phew! 

Now back to LQS - I learned today that a young friend of mine is expecting baby number 1 in November  - a boy!!!  So, I get to make a baby quilt!!    Hence the trip to my LQS.  Oh Boy!  yep, that is what I bought.  The other really cute fabric is in the Quilt Group's stash so it is an option but I am undecided.  It will depend on time to a certain extent.  I am already making the rainbow quilt which I want to give to a sick friend and my quilt for Bruce in the States so I need to finish those first then I will have to see how long till the baby is born as it is important that it is ready in time.
One option is a simple two tones half square triangle quilt in which case I will use the cute pale blue with the oh boy fabric.  The other option is that I will applique either my owl picture or my  penguin picture onto blocks and sash them with oh boy!  Will have to think about it.

And now back to the time in my sewing room  - not very exciting but I have been working on the blocks for Bruce's quilt.  I am paper piecing 5 pointed star blocks.  I showed you the first one here.  I decided that it would drive me crazy not be very efficient to cut each block out one at a time so I spent some time tonight making up kits for each block so that I can just sit down and sew them  I have done the 6 football blocks and am halfway thru doing the 6 baseball blocks.  Then I can just sit and sew. 

And just before I go...

Check out this post and see if you can help.  Green fairy Quilts have recently run a Hands 2 Help program where people donated quilts which will be taken and given to Romania to give to those with very little. In the near future they are travellig there to distribute the quilts and they are also going to be getting school supplies for children in need (they start school a couple of days after they get there) as well as filling up a soup kitchen with food that feeds a lot of homeless kids, and kids in need. They are running a giveaway and you can enter this giveaway without donating, and you don't need to donate to win a prize, but they would like to raise money for their cause. So, please pop on over and check out their post and make your own decision where to donate or not.

Tomorrow is another busy day but a crafty one.  First up more muffins (will try and remember photos) and if anyone wants the recipes let me know.  After that I will have a little time to work and then I am off to collect a quilt group friend, Sharon.  We are off to a local wool shop for a little look-see.  Sharon is showing me where to go as I haven't been there before.  I want to buy some interesting wool to crochet another poncho for another friend's daughter  - I just like doing them,  they are a nice easy take along project.  Then we are off to quilt group.  After that I have my weekly "run around after Fly Boy with Fire Cadets, and Air Force Cadets mad rush" between 4pm and 630pm.  Then the night will be mine!

Oops!  Nearly forgot to show you!  Here is my niece modelling the poncho that I crocheted her - the one I forgot to photograph!
 and the sweatshirt I made her - to replace the well truly grown out of one with the long sleeves that only reach to her elbows!  these sleeves actually have to be rolled up!
Well, Till next time............happy stitching!


  1. Cute fabric! Looking forward to seeing what you decide on. Your niece looks very happy with your gifts. They turned out great and look so cute on her.

  2. Whew! I need a breather just reading all that! Your niece looks adorable! Very good job on both projects for her!


  3. I am looking forward to seeing what you pick. Your niece is so cute and you did a great job on both of her gifts. How I would love to wake up smelling those wonderful muffins.

  4. Muffins sound delish...do you share recipes??!!


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