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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A sneak peak or two!!!

A bit frustrated tonight as my cursor is not showing upin blogger so it is a bit hard to go back and make changes to the text so bear with me if there are mistakes.

I took myself off to the doctor again this morning and surprise surprise, another set of antibiotics.  here is hoping these do the trick quickly!  I am getting bored with being sick!   I needed a new take along project as I have almost finished my poncho for my little niece - just have to sew in the threads and finish the fringe.  I decided to grab this ball of Can Can Yarn and start it off.  Not too bad - easy to do and quick to knit.  Not sure I will do another but I need a "take along" so I am happy to knit up one ball! 

After a couple of essential errands it was home and back to bed  - aahhh bliss, for a couple of minutes til some inconsiderate person started up a power saw and started hammering, that started the dogs barking and then I was being buzzed by a blow fly!!!!  Not happy!  So, I sprayed a canful of spray on the blowfly, called the dogs insdie and the three of us shut ourselves in my sewing room and slept on the daybed - back to bliss........ahhhh.

Once I woke up I amused myself cutting out four mini star blocks to send to my informal swap partner Celia -
The colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month is white!!!!  Other than that....NO HINTS!  Sorry Celia.

Next job was some more cutting out - my local Quilt Store, Country Pickin's at the Corner, has a free BOM (that is Block of the Month for my non-quilt mad friends) .  I finally decided to cut my first block out.  I have no problems choosing fabrics for safe choices but I want to go out of my comfort zone - with Kaffe Fassett. 
I have given myself two options - I am not sure of either of them but if I don't try I wont learn anything will I?

All opinions welcome even if you say yuck!  Kaffe is not easy for me to work with in kaffe styl if you know what I mean but I am determined to have fun trying and learning. 

If I get some sewing done tonight I will do a second post tonight but I have to get this one out as someone is ready to read it.

Till next time......................happy stitching!


  1. Jan-Maree Im sorry to hear that you are not well :( its not much fun ;( but Im glad to see you are still sewing :) Get well soon


  2. I had almost forgotten about how noisy power tools can be even when yards are bigger than here. I hope this new bunch of antibiotics does the trick. You have suffered that ssore throat long enough! That block should be interesting. Those fabrics are screaming at each other for attention.

  3. Sorry to hear that you are still not feeling well. Hopefully, this next batch of antibiotics will knock the bugs out! I have trouble with Kaffe fabrics too - most of the ones I have seen are really quite bold.

  4. Hope you feel better very soon!
    With the Kaffe fabrics, just go for it! If you have common colors repeated randomly throughout, it should all come together in the end. If you look at his examples, you'll see that they are a lot like big scrap quilts!

  5. Hope the antibiotics help this time. The yarn really looks pretty, what are you making with it? Kaffe.......I'm no help, I've never bought any and to me the block needs some white or black - a place for the eye to rest. I know that people that regularly use Kaffe don't do that. Good luck!

  6. Jan-Maree I am so sorry you are still not feeling well what a bummer. Love the colors you choose for your niece's poncho. Hope this round of antibiotics works

  7. Sure do hope you start feeling better soon, Jan-Maree. I understand your struggles with Kaffe, I'm just starting to handle more of the wilder fabrics. I've found that I can work with them if I make small objects, book covers and small wallets and such. I figure eventually I'll work my way up to larger objects.


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