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Monday, May 28, 2012

Two and three bound....

I finally managed to get these two quilts - two of the ones that the Gumnuts are making for the Women's Refuge - bound and ready to hand over the Del for hand sewing!  
It is so nice to see this first one almost finished after having it sit as a UFO for a few years.
 And this one is lots of fun after all the "grown up" quilts I have been doing.  Love those bright colours!
 This is the backing - love this - nice and bright and only $5m!  Bargain!!!!!
 And finally two more napkins!  Yummy scrummy donuts except that they are iced and I am a cinnamon donut girl myself - but my boys will like them!  Which are you?  Iced or cinnamon sugar?
 And a few healthy mushrooms - just know my boys won't like these ones at all - too healthy!!!
I still have cake, junk food, cucumber and corn napkins to make up. Maybe by the end of the week and then I will have to work out if I have enough.   I think maybe I need a few more wacky fabrics don't you?

And finally for Sandi who wasn't feeling too great this morning!  Maisy and 
Not sure I will get to post tomorrow - I will be running about after the kids from 230 till ten pm.  Fly Boy has his assessment performance for his drums tomorrow night and I am hoping to get there.  He has practiced more at home in the last couple of weeks than I think he has done in the last three years.  As loud as he is he sounds really good and I actually enjoy listening to him.

Till next time..............happy stitching!


  1. cinnamon for me! Lovelty quilts and puppies!

  2. great quilts and lovely napkins, are those dinner napkins? what size are they? I like a chocolate frosted donut- I always get it wrong though when I order chocolate glazed or frosted, anyways, the regular yellow donut with chocolate frosting on top. it's SO rare I eat them though.

  3. Beautiful!
    I'm a "plain glazed" girl, which just means a glaze of powdered sugar icing. Oh, and the donuts have to be the yeast type, not the cake type. I'm a "donut snob", I'm afraid!

  4. I'll have mine just plain glazed, thank you. The mushroom napkin makes me laugh, well, I think they will all give someone a smile at dinner.

  5. So nice you were able to get the quilts finished and they turned out great too! I need to get a few out of my sewing room as well.


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