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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Gathering of Gumnuts

The Gumnuts met today and the task for the day was to layer and pin all the quilts we are making for the Women's Refuge.   I think we have ten quilt tops so far underway.
Most of them got layered today
some of them got pinned (we ran out of pins!)
About three of them didn't have a backing but backings for two were found during the day and Irene tool the last one home to find a backing from her ginormous ample stash!
I brought two home to quilt - that makes three all up for me given that I already had the bright Boy Quilt at home waiting to be quilted.  The rest of the quilts went home with Andrea and Irene.  
Other girls have volunteered to do the hand sewing and make the labels!  

And just before I go - way back when I showed you Sharon's Circle of Friends.  They will all be cut into wedges and joined in a circle like a giant dresden flower and something needs to go in the middle - well here is the centre!  Isn't it gorgeous!  This was appliqued by Glenys!  The tiny little centre bit was part of a doillie.  Cute! 
And that's all folks!

Till next time..........happy stitching!


  1. you have all been VERY busy.... well done to all x

  2. Those are some of the prettiest charity quilts I've ever seen.(So many times they are much simpler designs.)I love the center, too! Very pretty!

  3. Wow are you busy! Beautiful charity quilts and love your Sharon's Circle of Friends!

  4. Busy, busy bees! lots of beautiful quilts and always more fun working with others.

  5. The Gumnuts were busy again and looks like lots of machine quilting it ahead for you. They quilts will be well received. By the way----what's a Gumnut? I'm sure it's something Aussie, but my ignorance is showing.

  6. Wow! All of the quilts are beautiful! I can't wait to see the "Circle of Friends" completed. The center is gorgeous!

  7. Wonderful working and sharing!


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