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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Coming together

Before I talk quilting tonight I have to share a little story about my hubby.  He is a sweet, funny, kind of shy guy who has done very well in his chosen field.  He is an engineer - heaven help me!  Only an engineer's wife will understand!  He has always been conscious of his thinning hair and receding hair line, even though I tell him he stills looks good to me!  This weekend he attended a reunion of Engineers from the RAAF.  It was 6 hours away and I had to be here with the boys so he went solo.  He had a blast catching up with lots of old buddies and acquaintances.  So, what was the first thing he said to me this morning?  It appears that he still has a reasonable amount of hair in comparison to most of the others, which someone accused him of dying as it is not completely grey AND much to his delight, he is much trimmer than many others!  And that includes a number of those younger than him.  Yep!  He was pretty pleased on the drive home and I am pretty pleased for him!
I guess I will soon find out if he reads this blog as he will hat me posting this pic because it is in his office (it is ok honey, you can't see most of the mess!)  Mwah!  You are just perfect to me!

Okey dokey, now on to my sewing.  Can't tell you who this is for yet.  They don't read my blog but someone who knows them and might give it away does so you will just have to wait till they have received it before I tell you.  I had a free few hours today while my boys were away Paint balling!  of all things.  I just sewed and sewed until I got this top together.  I added one side of the first border but I am not sure that I like it - I am thinking of getting some more of the burgundy instead and then I have a fabulous border fabric that will tie it all together.  Any thoughts about the burgundy versus the cream stripe? 
Big day tomorrow - Fly Boy resits his test for his L plates!  Ugh!
Till next time...........happy stitching!


  1. That's fun to see a photo of him! I definitely see the resemblance between him and your sons.

  2. Your boys are sure active! And your hubby looks like he's twenty years old! What about doing a combined border in the burgandy and the cream stripe? Maybe one inch wide stripes - kind of like a piano key border but not that long.

  3. What a great affirmation for your husband - for some reason we always think everyone else has it better than we do! You should see my husband's study...on the other hand maybe it's better if you don't! I sometimes think I could get lost in it!

  4. Well, my hubby may have more hair but he has more waistline and there is no way I could take his picture without him burried in junk. Good luck with those drivers. I'm sure glad I missed that phase entirely!

  5. Oh my golly, but the boys look like their Dad good looking all of them. I like the burgandy.

  6. Hi Jan-Maree

    Your hubby and the quilt look great. I think the burgundy fabric will work for the border, it should make it look like 'lattice' (sort of).


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