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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Qumnuts Women's Refuge Quilts

Hey all.  I hope you all had a happy day today.   Mother's Day means different things to different people depending on your specific situation.  Whatever it means for you I hope you had a lovely day.

Don't forget to check out my Give Away.  You can check it out here and I have decided to add something to it.  This is a really cute little purse kit.   I am sure you will have fun making it up.

Selvedges have become a really popular material to work with but not all of us are using them for one reason or another.  I have a lovely friend, called Erika, who would is collecting hers and is wondering if anyone out there has any they don't want.  She would love yours if you are not using them and she is happy to cover the cost of the postage.  Erika does a lot of sewing for charity so it would be nice to be able to help her out.  Leave a comment if you want me to you in touch with her.  I know she would appreciate it.  

This is what I have been sewing today.  These are two polar fleece track suits for my niece in Melbourne.  I have got them to the stage where I need to check measurements but I can't call my SIL tonight as I know they went out for dinner.  I will put these aside till tomorrow night.
 This isn't my favourite kind of sewing but I have to say that this is lovely soft fleece to work with!

 Last week I promised you I would take some pictures of the Women's Refuge Quilts that the Gumnuts have been working on.  Most of these came from half finished or half started projects or fabric lengths that have been donated to the Gumnuts for charity or have been left over from past projects.

This one was put together by Andrea.  The blocks are left overs from another project.  I think it has come together really nicely.
Irene made this cute little D9P quilt starting with the cute bunny fabric - I think it might be a "Bunnikins" print.  I think Irene said they were samples.  
 This is another Irene effort.  The trucking fabric was a strip print and the 2 1/2" strips in between rows are all it needs.  Some little boy is going to love this!!!
 The border print on this and the solid squares interspersed with the D9P blocks come from a couple of second hand children's curtains that were given to Del for us to use.  Andrea made the D9P blocks and put them all together.  I just love this quilt.  It is just a gorgeous gender neutral kid's quilt.

My boys turn 16 tomorrow - heaven help me!  Fly Boy goes for his L plates tomorrow and Guitar Hero on Tuesday - am I allowed to hope that they fail?  Maybe not but their chances are not good as I don't think either of them has studied the road rules so we will see.  But who can blame me for not wanting to embark on their 120 hours each or driving lessons?  Hooley dooley!  I am so not ready for that!  Think of me!

Till next time.......................happy stitching!


  1. They are all darling but I especially like the truck quilt. Sometimes it is hard to come with little boy quilts as I tend to make more of the girlie style. This is perfect and showcases the fabric well. Good luck with the driving, oh how I remember those days.

  2. What cute little track suits! And that fox quilt is about the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

    Good luck with the driving lessons and Happy Mother's Day!

  3. The outfits you are making for your niece are so cute, they look cuddly. Oh boy and the quilt are gorgeous. I am so glad I did have to teach my son to drive. But I so remember those days and they where scary and they still are.

  4. thats the joy of motherhood wish you luck

  5. What a cute collection of quilts! Being "the bunny lady" I tend to favor the one with the bunnies!!! It is so hot up here it is hard to think of anyone working with fleece right now (though the suits do look mighty cute)!! We are even considering putting an AirConditioner in the rabbit barn for the summer since it is still just spring and we've already been in the 90's a several times!!!


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