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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

only a little time.......

I only have a little bit of time available today and I need something easy to do.  I have a busy long night ahead of MUM DUTIES so I just want to play this afternoon.

I could piece the backing of the Special Quilt that I have been working  - not in the mood.
 I could piece the binding and sew it on this Aussie Hero Quilt - nope - not today!
 I could make the last few nine patches for the quilt I am making for the International Charity Bazaar - maybe on the weekend...
 I could fiddle around with the track suits I am making for my niece but too much fiddling needed to cut the ribbing the right size etc and fitting it etc ....
I need something EASY!!!
Ahhh - I can sort through the scraps!
I sense a scrappy project coming up!

Till next time..........................happy stitching!


  1. enjoy! i am not in the mood either . more in the mood to look and see what i would love to do next

  2. Great idea! It seems that scraps are always around needing tending!

  3. scrap messing is always fun!

  4. It's that sort of day... I should be at Mah Jong not on the computer.

    Enjoy playing with your scraps...

  5. Cute post, JanMaree. I think we will see a scrap quilt coming soom.

  6. hope you find something you DO want to do xx

  7. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


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