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Monday, May 7, 2012

A special quilt

Way back when my boys were just little tackers, still sitting in their high chairs for meals etc, I met a lovely Mum called Louise.  Back then she had just the one daughter, tiny little Emma about the same age as the boys but much littler - in stature not in personality!  Eventually Louise and family moved up the coast so we didn't see each other all that much, but we have stayed friends.  

About 18 months ago Louise bought a quilt to me that she had made and she is not a quilter.  It was a real achievement for her to make it.   I offered to quilt it for her - so much easier than trying to explain how to do it to her.  She went home and not long after I quilted the quilt and here is stayed!  for 18 months LOL -  Louise is a busy Mum of three now so she can be forgiven.  anyway - last week she came and collected the quilt and now she can pass it on to the young lady she made it for.
When Louise and I lived nearby we also had another friend, Carina, who, like me, had twins the same age as my boys except hers were girls. Eventually Carina had a third child, another girl.  Sadly her grandma passed away and Louise was given the material from the Grandma as Louise is a great seamstress.  Louise decided to take some of the fabrics and make a quilt for the littlest girl as she was too young to have received any of her grandmother's sewing.  Nice huh!

So this is a special quilt.  Soon there will be a young lady sleeping under it and thinking of her grandma.

Till next time......................happy stitching!


  1. The story that goes with the quilt often makes it even more special. I'm sure it will be much loved.

  2. Love to hear stories of old friendship that grow with the generations. Lovely quilt.

  3. Lovely story and I am sure the quilt will be treasured.

  4. i love a sweet story and pretty quilts

  5. I love a good starry quilt, beautiful, love Posie
    PS emailing you all the goodies which have arrived for the family of 5, such generosity, amazing ladies you reach out to, thank all so very much, love Posie

  6. that looks like a comfy quilt! WANT <3 :D

  7. Quilts are wonderful for bringing memories to mind. Its so sweet that she made a quilt for her daughter with her grandmother's fabrics.


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