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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gumnut Goings On

The Gumnuts came today - only a small group today - Del, Irene, Lyn, Audrey and Cynthia M.  We actually did some work but before that look what Del showed us!  Last weekend she and her hubby went into the city for dinner and had a bit of time to kill beforehand so they checked out the Markets at the Rocks.  Look what she found!!!  Too cute!  And only $5.  Now I have a rather significant oversupply of buttons and I would love to make some of these!  Or better still, next time you go there Del................

 Check out the size of these pinwheels!  They are about 18" - six were sewn together and they now make two lovely lap quilts for the Women's Refuge Quilts.  Irene has taken them home to add a plain narrow border and some corner stones.  I should add that these blocks, some made and some in pieces, were in three bags of "scraps" donated to us by some of the ladies at Country Pickin's, my "local".
  I should add that these blocks, some made and some in pieces, were in three bags of "scraps" donated to us by some of the ladies at Country Pickin's, my "local".
This also came in the bags.  The centre panel from the hexagon flowers out to the border of small squares all around measure 44" and was donated as is.  The strips of small squares were donated too but they were sewn together in groups of 16 each.  We sewed together end to end and added them to the centre separated by some 2" strips of white.  We ended up with another great lap quilt for a the Women's Refuge.  
Tomorrow I will take some photos of the other quilt tops that we have gathered - two from Andrea and two from Irene.  We are going to end up with more than the twelve that we are aiming for!  No worries mate!

On to a different subject!!!  I have the nicest bloggie friends!  So many have been so encouraging since I started Aussie Heroes, including my overseas friends.  One of them, Ellen, sent me a parcel on the 4th of March.  She didn't tell me what was in it other than it was her way of supporting Aussie Heroes.  What a Gem!  She lives all the way over in Ontario in Canada and her parcel took FOREVER to get here but at last it arrived.  She did send some fabrics for Aussie Heroes including some lovely red string blocks which you can see over at Aussie Heroes but look what Ellen sent for me!  Isn't it gorgeous!   Love those pretty flowers and butterflies and love the pretty "spring" like flowers.  They look so pretty all folded like this so you will have to wait till I start sewing with them to see them in all their glory!  I am already thinking what I am going to make with it - something for ME.

 Thanks so much Ellen!

Make sure you come back tomorrow - it is GIVE AWAY night.  There will be something for YOU!

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. Love the hexie quilt, it is just gorgeous...... and, you deserve to be spoiled by your lovely friend Ellen after all the wonderful work you are doing for so many different causes.

  2. WOW! Love the hexies! what a nice donation! Pretty blocks too from Canada!

  3. i love big blocks they are not as hard to get to match up

  4. my daughters quilt may turn in to one

  5. You are so welcome - you deserve something special just for you!


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