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Friday, May 25, 2012

Today was brought to you by the letter L

Well today was a big day!  Look who had his first driving lesson ever!
Guitar Hero!  That's who!
 One and a half hours with a driving instructor equates to four and a half hours out of the 120 hours he has to do over the next 12 months before he can go for his licence!  Oh boy!  Only 115 and a half hours to go!

And now for something completely different!
I wonder what Snickers is doing here...
I wonder what Maisy is waiting for.... Oh, is that a blue dog bowl I see?
Ahhhhhh food! 
And talking of food but this time of the human kind........Last week Retro Mummy shared a yummy scrummy sounding Easy Muesli Bar Slice recipe!
I thought it sounded delicious and quick so I thought I would give it a try today but I added some choc bits to it as I think there is a better chance of my boys eating some. 
I tried some tonight and yep! they are yummy!  I hope the boys like them because they are not on my diet.
For kids though, these a stacked full of oats and coconut and goodness!Here is the only sewing I can show you from today although I got heaps done.  These are two more napkins finished off.  Although you won't ever catch me eating anything with chilies in it I just love the colours in this fabric.
As well as these I managed to finish quilting my Bright Boy Quilt and my Pink Aussie Animal Quilt, both quilts the Gumnuts are making for the Women's Refuge and I also managed to quilt a strip quilt for AHQ.  I hope to get the binding on all of them tomorrow.  Then I can pass them on to someone else for hand sewing!

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. Congrats on Guitar Hero starting his driving training, that sure takes a long time to complete! Snickers is probably waiting for a crumb of that yummy looking bar and Maisy definitely is looking for doggie food! Cute napkins and I won't touch a chili pepper either!

  2. These kids grow up too quick! What about the brother, does he also go for lessons?

  3. So, was Guitar Hero super excited about his driving lesson? And what about Fly Boy, does he take lessons at the same time? Do you guys drive on the left side of the road? Cute napkins!! I like the spicy . . . hmm . . . making me hungry!!

  4. Congrats to your son - sorry for you!!! My eldest got his learner's permit and then let it expire. He lives in the city and and it is just so convenient to take public transit everywhere. My younger son still hasn't even bothered getting his licence. He is still in university and doesn't want the expense of insurance, etc.


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