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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some mornings....

You just need to go back to bed!

What a start to the day.   EVERY morning one or other of my boys drags his feet getting out the the car to go the the school bus.  EVERY morning!  I try to tell them that you need to leave a little early "just in case".  Well this morning the "just in case" happened.  We went out the my car and it wouldn't unlock properly and it wouldn't start!  I was hoping it was just a flat battery but no time to deal with it.  Raced inside to my hubby's office to get his spare keys - not there!  Eventually found them hidden under junk in a too full drawer.  By this time the boys had left for the bus on their own feet but I knew they had left too late so I headed off in my husband's loathsome car.  Why do I hate it so much - 1. it is a manual and the clutch is just at the wrong angle for me to use it 2. it is really low down and hard for me to get in and out of!  

Found the boys sauntering down the street, picked them up and dropped them at another bus stop - just in time thankfully.  they don't go to the same schools so both of them missing the bus, apart from annoying me and wasting my time, means at least one of them will be late!

Couldn't go and buy my salad makings for tomorrow as that would have been too much driving in hubby's beastly car.  Straight home and call Roadside Assist.  Thankfully they came quickly and put me out of my misery - a flat battery!  Phew.  That can be fixed easily and quickly!  And has been!  I really didn't fancy being without my car for a few days or longer.

The Gumnuts are coming tomorrow so I had shop and cook today.  I have to do lunch and morning/afternoon tea.  I made a Bacon and Egg Pie today and will make a salad to go with it.  I would have preferred to cook the pie tomorrow morning but I cant rely on the boys to make it to the bus so I have cooked it today.  Less stressful.

I have also cooked my shortbread
And made some rice bubble biscuits  - these are another family recipe - but I can share these.


125g margarine
¾ cup caster sugar
1 egg
1 cup SR flour
1 cup rice bubbles

Cream together margarine and sugar, add egg and mix well.  Add flour and rice bubbles.  Place teaspoonfuls on greased tray.  Allow plenty of room for spreading.  Bake in moderate oven 10-15 minutes until lightly golden.

I did manage a little sewing - I needed something easy.  I have the 1930's baby quilt layered but was too tired to start quilting it.  I still need to piece the backing for the Bright Boy's quilt - too tired to do that.   So, I sewed nine patch blocks using some of my scrap 3 1/2" squares.  Nice and easy but really useful.

I suspect there will be more nine patches tomorrow night too!

Till next time..................happy stitching!


  1. now, if you HAD gone back to bed NONE of the above would have happened and you would have been stuck with 2 teenagers AS WELL!! lol... see staying up CAN work xx

  2. YUM! glad it was nothing to dire with your car. : )

  3. Must be the time for batteries to go. Had to replace my yesterday...Pleased you got the boys on the bus and got your cooking done.
    Will try those Rice Bubble Cookies. I am useless st cooking but I think I can do them.LOL

  4. I hate mornings like that! Hopefully, the day will get better as it goes on.

  5. Some days are just like that, glad you got a little sewing machine time in to reduce the stress. I know it sme, when I am at the sewing machine, I am not thinking of anything but the fabric that is in front of me. Tomorrow the sun will shine. Hugs.

  6. I'm glad I don't have mornings like that anymore. I no longer have children at home trying to miss the bus and I've decided that if I'm late for work - well that's life. So I do things like turn around and go back to try and get a picture of the porcupine.... but it ran into a culvert and I missed it. And I have no idea what rice bubbles are....


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