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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taxying and Taxing Tuesday

Way too tired to sew tonight.  I spent the morning preparing things for an Aussie Hero Sewing Day tomorrow and then at midday I left home for about 7 and a half hours of driving all over the country side with the kids.  Pick up Guitar Hero and take him to do the test for his Learner's Permit - he passed. :-(     Next off to his guitar lesson but had to get there early to see the guys in the music shop to buy more of the never ending equipment that Fly Boy seems to "need" for his drums.  After guitar lesson drive part way home and kick  let GH out to walk the rest of the way while I went to collect Fly Boy from later rehearsal at school.  Back home for 15 minutes, feed dogs, stoke fire, head out again for GH to go to tutor.  Sit in car outside tutor for 75mins - thank goodness for my iPad and the ability to catch up on blogs even though it is dark!
Finally home around 740pm.

Phew!  It is good to be home!

Tonight I will fiddle around doing a little more relaxed preparation for tomorrow and watching TV.  Tomorrow we will all work flat out (won't we girls - mwah ha ha - that is my evil laugh!) and then I have a little more taxi duty before heading out for dinner with the girls!  Yay!  My handsome hubby will have headed off interstate for work (again) and so the boys can heat up the pasta bake I have made for them for their dinner - or starve - their choice.

Probably no sewing tomorrow night either.  I may or may not post, depending on how things go but I will be back on Thursday with one last reminder about the Giveaway.  Don't forget to check out what you can win herehere and here and if you want to be in the draw you must leave a comment on this post.

And just because I hate to leave a post without a picture here is the first quilt I ever made.  It is all hand done, with the thickest batting known to man, made in 1984 during a night school course where I first learned to quilt.  All paper pieced - including the sashing, corner stones and BELIEVE IT OR NOT those huge red squares!  I may have learned a thing or two since then!
I gave it to my beloved Nanna (aged 84 here in 1984) and I can't tell you how proud she was of it.  I don't think she ever used it, she just displayed it.  I have it back now as she passed away about ten years later and I doubt I will ever part with it. 

Till next time.................happy stitching!


  1. You are really putting the miles on the car------maybe it will be a blessing when the boy drive. You can stay at home and pray! Nice picture of your grandmother, she must have been so proud of you.

  2. Why is life so crazy now when you have kids????
    I am pleased I lived in a mining town while my girls grow up and everything was within walking/bike riding distance for them.I didn't realise how easy my life was....
    Lovely photo of your Nan and your first quilt.

  3. love your first quilt. she is right about them driving and you at home praying

  4. I bet your Nan was tickled pink that you had made a quilt for her! Wonderful memories Jan-Maree - I can see why you wouldn't want to part with it.

  5. How wonderful that you brightened her last 10 years with your beautiful gift!


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