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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby quilts

It has been ages since I have made a baby quilt and I have to say they are so quick to make and often more whimsical than other quilts.  Fun, Fun, Fun!
This is one of the Gumnuts Women's Refuge Quilts.  I managed to get it quilted and have the binding all ready for hand sewing.  I have two others to do and hope to complete them on the weekend.
 And this 1930's baby quilt is finally finished.  My friend, Audrey has done the hand sewing for me and now I am all ready to hand it over to its new owner.  Can't wait!!!
 I stippled it - first one I have stippled for public consumption!  It has confirmed for me that this is as big as I am prepared to stipple as it is just too hard on my hands and my machine (a Bernina Aurora 440) just doesn't have enough room for me to work comfortably.
 Got to love ed checked binding and I think the puppies on the quilt are too cute!
Now you can see the label - this will give you your first clue as to who it is for.   
This is an Aussie Hero Quilt for an Aussie Heroes Little Angel - Welcome Home Dad.  
This is for a soldier who grew up locally and requested a quilt for his area in Afghanistan to brighten up the Headquarters Area.  Of course I sent one for him.  He is going to bring me some photos that I will be able to share on the Aussie Heroes Blog.  When he said that he said he might bring his three month old daughter who he is yet to meet - oh my goodness - a baby he hasn't met?  Well, of course I had to make a baby quilt!  Who wouldn't!

Now comes the best part - giving to the owner but the hard part is waiting till they contact me!  Oh dear.  Patience has never been my strong suit!

Till next time..............happy stitching!


  1. I would also be on pins and needles waiting! (Probably literally as I drop them all the time!)
    I'm sure he'll be thrilled!

  2. What a sweet quilt and he will be so surprised that you made one for his daughter!

  3. Darling baby quilts and such happy colors, I still only pratice my stipple and everytime I think I am going to stipple a small quilt, I chicken out. Yours looks great. I have gone to machine stitching the binding on my baby quilts, they take such a beating. Twice when we went back to Ohio I had to restitch the binding on my nephews quilt. The last time I told him I would have to take it back to Texas and put new binding on, he wouldn't let me do that. It was the most used and loved quilt I ever made, made me so happy.

  4. Cute! Cute baby quilts!! The recipient's Daddy is going to be so surprised!

  5. Fantastic! I don't know how your are going to wait...so difficult. I am glad that you were able to stipple quilt the baby quilt. I think these quilts are the perfect size to practice on.


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