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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All my blocks in their rows!

I feel I have had a pretty productive day today.  First up I worked on Belvedere here.  He is a mascot for one of the units in Afghanistan and they have asked me for an A3 sized quilt.  How much fun is that!  They sent me a picture and I traced off his markings and I am hoping once I have done some stitching it will stand out a little better.  We will see.
 And tonight I finally finished the last rows of the bright and cheery boy quilt!  Just have to sew the rows together and find the right fabric for the borders.  I can't put a very big border on so I will have to think about it for a bit.  I have a couple of ideas!
I definitely have to do another one of these but not yet - I am trying to demonstrate some discipline and finish a few off first.

Here is my list:

Bind a quilt that a girlfriend left with me 18 months ago and is coming to collect it on  Friday.  I was going to leave her to bind it but I know I can finish it for her a lot quicker than she can do it herself as she has three kids to deal with and lots of other commitments.

Next job - quilt and bind the 1930's baby quilt

Quilt and bind the bright boy quilt and the Aussie Animal Star quilt

and then I have to get back to finishing the Quilt for Ireland.   

And in there somewhere I have to make two polar fleece tops for my little niece.  

PLEASE, if you see me starting something not on the above list PLEASE YELL AT ME!

Till next time................happy stitching!


  1. Such a cute idea for your boy quilt. Looks like another 36 hour day ahead for JanMaree.

  2. So. that's your rule? Put it on the list and it's OK to work on it. Sounds good to me. But then, if the list is so long, you have to write it down to remember it, anything goes.

  3. PHEW!!!! What a list. I think it's time you did your bindings by machine. Sew much quicker.
    Belvedere's quilt is looking good.
    Great Bright Boys Quilt too.

  4. i will yell all the way from here

  5. Oh boy my dear you are a busy girl. Your quilt is gorgeous.


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