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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just a quickie!

Just a short post tonight  for two reasons.  Firstly because the only sewing I managed today was to sew the binding on the 1930s baby quilt but it isn't sewn down properly so it would be a pretty boring photo. Secondly look at my keyboard.  The A key is broken - sigh!  Luckily tomorrow I am getting a new wireless keyboard so until then not too much typing is happening!  Honestly, do you know how often you type the letter A?  Far too often if you ask me!

Check this out.  Seeing as there is no sewing to share I thought I would share these.  Kid's special expensive pots and pans!  Who in their right mind would have enough money to buy these?

 I mean they are really cute but they are really expensive at around $100 a set!  

Or you could do even worse and buy the Bart Simpson set - not a Bart fan at all here - (sorry Ros (my Bart loving SIL)).
Am I right?  or am I just a party pooper?

 And just in case, in years to come you hear my kids complaining that there are no good photos of them around - here is the proof that I tried!!!
Till next time..........and till I get a new keyboard..........happy stitching!!!


  1. I don't have my picture taken either!

  2. I am with you on the pots and pans.....some people must have too much money!!

  3. Got some "A"nger issues with that A button?? lol
    I thought the same thing about the duckie pots, then read your note....

  4. Who needs the letter A _nyw_y? Cert_t_inly not _nyone who writes _ blog. I think the letter _ is highly over r_ted. H_ppy Mother's D_y. Hugs

  5. I agree who would want to buy those pots and pans. Boys what are we going to do. Mine is the same way. They just do not understand memories.

  6. Too silky! Can you imagine cooking wit h hose?


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