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Monday, February 6, 2012

Well, it was supposed to be two stars...

But dag gummit! I messed one up!  Grr.  Oh well. I was determined to have some free time tonight to sew but life got in the way.  I did manage a little though and I thought I was going to have two stars to show for it but just as I was ironing them I noticed my mistake!  

Oh well, that can be an unpicking job for tomorrow.  I am really curious to know how this cream fabric is going to wash up so I am thinking of making these into a table runner or a small quilt so that I can throw it in the wash and see how they come up.  I figure there must be a lot of dressing in the cream curtain fabric I am using!

Maybe I will get a few more done tomorrow night.

Till next time..........happy stitching!


  1. oh noo Jan-Maree.xx

  2. I feel for you...I have done the same thing myself!

  3. darn! I love how scrappy your stars are. : )

  4. at least you spotted it before you went too far!! Looking good anyway xx


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