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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No more flimsy excuses!

I told you I was determined to get the borders on this quilt today and I did!  I am so glad that I decided against going with a coloured border.  I think some of the colours would have looked great but I really think the cream and black make this quilt top all about the stars and that is what I wanted.
I am actually quite enthusiastic about getting this layered and quilted.  I am now trying to decide whether I should use a coloured thread or cream.......again I am thinking cream.

I am still planning a tutorial on these stars.  Tomorrow is Gumnuts (my quilt group) during the day and then a school meeting at night so Thursday is going to be tutorial day.  

Till next time.................happy stitching!


  1. Beautiful! I'm looking forward to the tutorial.

  2. I love the way those colored background stars look and the light border sets them all off.

  3. Love it - the border frames it beautifully!

  4. looks better every time you show it xx

  5. Yep You are right Jan-Maree. the black and cream borders make the stars ZING.....

  6. The black and cream borders do set off the stars perfectly!

    I always love seeing photos of Snickers.

  7. Really lovely! I adore the scrappiness!

  8. Well Done on your Finish Top it Looks GREAT!!

  9. Lovely quilt! Guess what I received today? The package you sent from your last giveaway! It's all so beautiful and so much. Run over to my blog to see what I've written about it. And, of course, THANK YOU!


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