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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pay attention class!

Okay, so as promised here is my tutorial on how to make my up-cycled stars.  

First up cut yourself some three and a half inch squares.  You need 8 cream ones and one coloured one.  The centre one doesn't have to be a picture print but I quite like it that way.
Next you need to cut twelve 2 inch coloured squares.
Draw a diagonal line across each 2 inch square.  
Like so!
Place four of the 2 inch squares on one corner of four of the cream three and a half inch squares and stitch along the pencil line.
This is what you will end up with.
 Fold over the square to form a triangle along the stitching line and press.  Do this gently to avoid stretching the square out of shape.  I find it useful to finger press first.
 Turn the squares over and cut away the corner of the cream fabric and the underside of the coloured square leaving a quarter inch seam.  Only the top triangle and seam allowance will be left.  
 And again this is what you are left with.  Some people might keep those discarded triangles and I might too if they were bigger but when they are this small I don't bother.
 Take another 4 two inch squares and sew them on the adjacent corners of the cream squares.
 Repeat the pressing and trimming process and this is the result.

 Take two of these pieces and to each sew a cream square as per the diagram below.  With a third piece sew to the coloured middle square as below.  Press the seams towards the centre piece and the cream squares towards themselves.
 This time take the remaining piece with the corner pieces on it and stitch it to the centre piece.  Take the remaining two cream pieces and sew them to the other side of the side pieces and press.  You will end up with something that looks like this.

Take one side piece and carefully pin it to the centre piece.  Now is the time to make sure that your seams  match up nicely.  Open out and press.
 Sew the other side piece to the centre piece.  Open out and press.
 Place the remaining four squares in the corners and stitch.
 Fold, press and trim the excess.  And you are finished!!!

Now just make yourself some more.  My quilt had 28 blocks - half of them have cream backgrounds and the other half have colour where the cream is.  I hope my tutorial is clear.  Leave a comment if you are unclear about anything.
 Till next time.....happy stitching!


  1. whow thankyou Jan-Maree you have made it very easy for us,well done.xx

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial and you did it so well too! I do like this block a lot.

  3. as you know triangles scare me...but you make this look soooo easy!! Might just have to give it a try someday!

  4. Awesome awesome awesome tutorial!! I definitely am going to make some of these. Thanks and hugs for the tutorial. :D

  5. thanks so much for the tutorial!!!

    blessings, jilly

  6. Thanks Jan-Maree! Clear directions for lovely stars!

  7. Good tutorial, nice way to make stars.

  8. Great tutorial, Jan-Maree! I love that you add the small triangle at the corners of the finished stars. They really make the stars pop! Why would you worry about these directions? They are perfectly clear.

  9. thanks for the tutorial.

    Monday I'm sending you the Accuquilt die that does 2 squares of 3 1/2"; it should make it easier for you !

  10. Thank you so much for sharing. I just love your stars. I agree with Celia. You need an accuqilt cut machine. Just think of all the things you could create. I can see it now fabric just flying through the machine.


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