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Monday, February 27, 2012

You gotta love living with teens.............don't you?

Here is a little insight into life with Guitar Hero and Fly Boy!  Last Friday FB asked me if I could  make a birthday cake for someone at school for Monday.  
Apparently the convention is that the kids take it in turns taking in cakes for their peers and then someone else takes in a cake for them when it is their birthday.  Of course I said yes!  That meant I would have to drive him to school as a cake would not survive the bus trip!  PLAN A.

Then Guitar Hero told me he needed to take his amp (the biggest heaviest guitar amp known to man!) to school Monday which would mean I would have to drive him to school - and no, they may be twins, but they do not go to the same school as of this year.  That is another whole story!  According to GH there would not be enough amps for all the guitarists performing in school chapel this morning without his amp.  (Why am I not convinced!)  

So began a period of sometimes heated negotiations in order to work out how to make it all happen as simply as possible.

FB's solution - make GH use one of the school amps! and drive FB!

GH's solution - make FB take the cake on the bus and drive GH - tell him to suck it up - ahhh  lovely!

My solution - drive GH to school, FB can catch the bus and I will drive the cake to school and leave it with Student Services.  No big deal and do able!!!  PLAN B

Then, at 11pm last night GH came to see me (an hour and a half after he was meant to be in bed) to tell me that he had decided not to take his amp to school so I confirmed he didn't need a lift after all!  I guess he must have had a recount of the number of amps at school and miraculously there were actually going to be enough after all!  

Amazing coincidence!  

Of course he decides this for reasons unknown but certainly not to make things easier for me or to fit in with his brother!

So, this morning I told FB I would be driving him to school .....PLAN C ....that is until GH realised that he did need alift after all as he could possibly carry his guitar, folder, school bag and laptop bag on the bus by himself!  So we were back to plan PLAN B!  

But the best part - the absolute HIT of HITS, TOP OF THE POPS, WORLD BEATING reason why you have gotta love living with teens.......is........wait for it!

After dropping GH and guitar and so on at school at 8am this morning I got a call from FB (you know there is a problem if he calls me instead of texting me!) and says - 

oh this is good!

Can you please bring the cake in on Wednesday - I am not due to have it in till then.  

Now you can laugh!

So, the cake that I made last night and got up early to ice this morning is sitting uneaten by my two teenagers so it looks like I will give it away tomorrow.   Freeze it you say?  Thought of that - but there just isn't enough room in the freezer!  Tomorrow night I will be making another one.  And guess what - it appears one of the boys in his group gluten intolerant so I need to make a gluten free cake - thank goodness for google - I found a recipe.  

Some times you just got to have a sense of humour! (and a little chocolate never hurt either!)

Help!  Can someone please tell me why I keep getting Composition Editor popping up on my screen all the time in blogger!   It is so annoying and it usually over text i am trying to read.  It seems to pop up every time I move the cursor!

I also made chocolate chip muffins today thinking that my boys would enjoy them for afternoon tea - one is like a stomach on legs which i actually like, but did he want the muffins?  No!  Just about everything else but no muffins!  Guess those can be frozen for lunch boxes thank goodness!
Nearly forgot - the recipe for the muffins came from here.  They look yummy, they smell yummy, but I haven't tasted any yet so hopefully they taste yummy too!

Till next time..........happy stitching!


  1. Gotta love teenage boys! Don't you know the world revolves them? I found that the years between 15-18 were the most challenging but then it started to get much better.

    I find the composition editor to be quite annoying as well.

  2. Hi Jan-Maree! Loving the teen tales . . . hopefully the boys will grow up to realize all of the wonderful things you did for them . . . and if they don't, well . . . you've got the blog account to remind them!! You're cracking me up!

    My mouth is watering for your homemade deliciousness!! I guess I could go into the kitchen and whip up something scrumptious also, but I'm pretty sure if I went there, it may get out of hand!! I think for now I will just enjoy your no calorie pictures!!!

  3. If the cake is due wednesday, I wouldn't worry about it, just wrap it in plastic wrap, it should be good.
    I've made my kids birthday cakes with fancy frosting and icing and sometimes I have to do it in stages, so it's sometimes been a 2 or 3 day old day, the frosting protects the cake inside, it's really only the frosting that gets dry on the outside but not too bad

  4. oh my it did my head in ,lol.xx

  5. You just gotta luv the teenage years....I had two boys and now they are 38 and 35.....looking back sEw manY years ago...I must say they were years of making memories!! I would say your cake would be just as good one day later....but it appears you will be making a gluten free cake for school and your family can enjoy yesterdays baking....I haven't baked my Banana Walnut Cake yet...the bananas are still perfect...I'll be making it today or tomorrow...tomorrow would be better and then I would take it to Wednesday night quilt meeting...it is just a small group of quilters and they always luv a treat. It is way too much cake for Mr. QnQ and me!!

  6. KIDS!! You are more patient than I EVER was!!! I dont know why you keep getting the message... have you pushed or pressed a button by accident?

  7. Well, I will say one thing-----you don't have time to get bored and the boys continue to make your life interesting. Hint: Betty Crocker has a delishious chocolate cake mix you can find in the grocery store. The other flavors, not so good but the brownie mix and the choc. cake mix I serve to guests and they don't know the difference. My hubby is gluten free.

  8. i don't know how you would fix that screen i havn't run into it yet but if you find out it would make a good post.

  9. it keeps popping up on mine too. No idea why. It just started recently.

  10. I feel we all have a love/hate relationship with our teens at times... my 2 girls as teens were a nightmare and now they are adults I love them so much more... I would have gladly given them away with free clothes and paid someone hahahaha... they do make our lives very interesting and I love reading about your hahahahaha xxx

  11. lol...your conversation/negotiations with your kids sounds a lot like my whole with my two kids (7yrs and 11yrs). Not sure it gets any better for awhile does it??!! lol

  12. I have to say i laughed at your boys - they are the conversations I used to have between me and my brother

    Not sure about your error though - havent seen that on my blogger

  13. I am still laughing Jan-Maree! The joys of teens....especially twins! If I lived closer I would be glad to take that cake off your hands!

  14. I forgot to mention that I haven't seen that error or message either..hmmm

  15. Oh boy how exciting is that. Your muffins look great. mmmm they smell so good.
    I have been getting the same message but I am not sure why but it is annoying grrr.

  16. Hello Jan-Marie,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your post! As a Quilting, Cake Making, Stay at Home Taxi driving mother of NON Identical twin Boys - I have SO been there! Just wait until they ask for SEPARATE 18th birthday parties! .... ;-)


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