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Monday, February 13, 2012

As promised...

Yep, as promised here is a picture of the petal pouches that I made last night.  The one on the left is holds a necklace and some ear-rings and went off in the mail today.  It is a shame that it doesn't show up in the photo but the purple and white gingham almost has a opalescent look to it.  
 I also thought I better show you that Maisy also has a pretty tough life here.  This big blue pillow actually lives on MY big leather chair and ottoman.  I bought them for me to use but the truth is that i hardly ever sit in them and enjoy them as I have to move everything off them first.  The dogs love them so I have protected the ottoman with a quilt and the chair with a quilt AND this big blue pillow to save them from scratching around with their claws when they are trying to get comfy!  Lucky they are so cute!
Quick update on Aussie Heroes.  It is keeping me pretty busy at the moment and that, coupled with the fact that I have to do an unusually large amount of teenage taxiing in the next couple of days in meaning that my Cherry Red sewing time is cut down.  Hmph!  It is only temporary.  Today I did manage to get the narrow black border cut and sewn onto the short sides of the star quilt. It is pinned to the long sides.  The cream borders have been cut and are ready to go when I have time.  I was hoping to write a tutorial for the up-cycled stars tonight as I have had a couple of inquiries but hopefully that will get done tomorrow night.

Aussie Heroes is now on Facebook and has had a couple of blog posts on other Aussie blogs, one with 500+ followers so I am expecting a few emails requiring follow up so bear with me till I get it all under control again please.

Till next time................happy stitching!


  1. Love the little pouches, handy for so many things.
    How cute is your little pup, it's a hard life....

  2. little bags and puppy very cute.xx

  3. Love those little bags, I made one after you posted about it last fall. I should make some for Christmas 2012, now what did I do with the instructions? So happy that Aussie Hero quilt sites are going well and spreading the word. Your amazing!

  4. Really cute petal bags! Now that the word is really getting out about Aussie Hero's I would think that more help should be coming your way.


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