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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I love presents! and the second sneak peak revealed!

Just one of the reasons I love my hubby is that he brings me chocolates.  Handsome fellow travels most weeks, usually Monday to Friday for work.  Whenever he stays in a hotel where they provide the turn down chocolate he puts it aside and brings it home for me - yum!    I am not sure I would be that good!
I have been showing you some sneak peaks of the sewing I have been doing but I couldn't show you much or tell you much because sometimes this lady reads my blog!  It is Tarja's birthday next Saturday but tonight's dinner was a welcome home for Brooke who spent five months in America recently.  We realised though that we might not be able to get together for Tarja's birthday next Saturday so we gave her birthday presents to her tonight.  I made her three aprons as she has just started wearing them regularly.  

First, one for every day!
Then one for Easter
 and finally one for Christmas time.
And then, just because she likes babushkas......
 And no, I didn't give her the hat.  It had been in the boot of the car to go to St Vinnies and it was brought in for a joke and I just managed to snap her wearing it!
 And here we all are - one of the rare group shots.  My son, Guitar Hero, took the picture.  He and Fly Boy refuse to socialize with my friends and only come out for the meal so I was just thankful that he agreed to take the picture for us.
 And now I am well and truly ready for bed.  Hopefully I will get some sewing done tomorrow.

Till next time.......happy stitching!


  1. what a lovely post Jan-Maree,sleep well.xx

  2. What a great picture! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

  3. You really have a SWEET hubby! Cute aprons and what a great photo of you and your friends!

  4. Sweet, sweet hubby for saving the chocolates for you. Love the aprons, now your friend will think of you when she wears them during the hollidys. Do you use twill tape for the straps?

  5. I am glad he agreed to take the picture as well xx looks like a great time was had by all xx

  6. This is my first time reading your blog. I like how you get chocolates when your husband travels...seems only fair. Love those aprons. Marilyn

  7. Your hubby is so sweet to bring you chocolates. The aprons you made are awsome. You did a great job. Tarja is a lucky girl. Love your group picture. It is always nice to have pictures of your friends and family.


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