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Friday, February 24, 2012

A little swap

My bloggie friend, Celia, and I do a monthly swap.  She sends me 5 five inch log cabin blocks and 
 a dozen civil war 6inch tumblers.
 And I send her 5 five inch stars and a bunch of 2 1/2inch squares.  
Not much else to show you tonight.  I managed to get the binding on on one Aussie Hero Quilt today and another one is ready for hand sewing but tonight all I have done is cut the backing and binding for three pairs of pot holders.  It has been a long week of early mornings and late nights.  I think I am going to have an early night.  Guitar Hero is jamming it up on his guitar - loudly!  Thank goodness he can play well - he is practicing Johny Be Good!  Wish I could record him for you!   Fly Boy has flown the coop to the movies with friends - unfortunately he can't fly home - I have to leave to collect him in 20 minutes.  Handsome hubby is hopefully on his way home from the airport, arriving home from his business trip.  I am thinking I am going to collect FB and then hit the sack pretty soon after I get home.  Tomorrow night the sisterhood are coming for dinner - we are saying Welcome Home to Brooke who actually got home a month ago but with school starting and people working and horse shows (not me - another family) this is the first chance we have had to get together!  I made a pav today and tomorrow I have more preparation to do but not too much as everyone brings something and we always eat too well!

Til next time................happy stitching!


  1. Wonderful blocks coming...and going!

  2. be careful driving when you are tired xx stay safe x

  3. Fun swap! I don't miss being a mom taxi!

  4. lovely blocks,great swaps.xx


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